OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

UTVUnderground Ocotillo Wells Trip

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UTVUNDERGROUND is NOT holding an organized event. This was simply a social gathering of friends and family.

The state park has regulations about events held on the parks property. We are removing the flyer from the website. The flyer is what makes this an organized event. I belive everyone is still going to the desert.

Joey and Rusty are still going to the desert and we will be camping at South County Line RD.

UTVUNDERGROUND will not be responsible for any person coming to Ocotillo Wells on the weekend of 4-24-09 to 4-26-09. Please PM Rusty or Joey if you need more details.
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End of season? there is no rhino season... just different spots to ride!
I'm goin to try to make it out for this trip, hopefully my old lady doesn't pop around that time
i will see if i can make it lol
my boss is a corporate whore lol jk jk
but we will see about me making it to this ride.
pulling apart the secondary sheave and getting a gold spring from unleashed and the sliders, bottom and mid end welcome back lol
I'll see what I can pull off.

I would love to hit that up.

I haven't been there since I was 5 or so.
hmmmm 90 percent sure i can make it... not sure though money is tight... buying a home is WAYYYY more than i expected!!
Suck it up Brian!!!! No Excuses!! Shiner up, loader up, and lets do this SON!

Bring all the toys out!!!! You will have so much fun Trav!! Bring the fam!!

I wish I could bring all the toys.

I can only fit 2 rhinos or 1 car in my 5th wheel so its one or the other.

Since its a UTV trip it looks like thats what I'm bringing.
dam i dont know im with family wagon she might pop due date is april 5 and nothing yet so they say 2 weeks before or after and that lands in that time frame wow im pissed ...........i wanna play damit................

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