2017 Sand Sports Super Show Preview

ITS BACK! The Sand Sports Super Show (SSSS) has become the ceremonial start of the fall & winter riding seasons here in the southwest. Companies & enthusiasts alike wait all summer long for this annual show to roll around and this year is no different. Vendors are thrashing to complete their hot new builds, us included, and enthusiasts are stacking chips waiting to take advantage of special show pricing, inventory and new products that will be on sale. More than that, its a way for all of us to get together, see the latest trends and get ourselves hyped up for “desert season”.

2017 Sand Sports Super Show presented by Nitto by sandsportssupershow

Since 2006, UTVs have slowly began to take the SSSS over. In recent years, some have argued a name change to the UTV Super Show, but whether you are a buggy, truck, or UTV enthusiast, one thing remains the same and thats that the SSSS is where you go to see the latest and greatest from in and around the sand and off-road industry.

2016 marked a massive show, one that will forever go down as one of the greatest sand shows of all-time. Can-Am came many their first look at the then new Maverick X3 model, the show was bigger than ever, and of course; we launched the all-new UTVUnderground Garage division of 4 Wheel Parts. This year looks to be bigger and better and we are coming back in full force once again with 4 Wheel Parts.





Over the past 18 years the Sand Sports Super Show has grown into the BIGGEST and most exiting dune and dirt sports expo in the world. The annual show takes place each September at the Orange County Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, Calif.

The event kicks off the local sand dune season by gathering top UTV and off-road companies together to showcase their latest products and innovations. The Sand Sports Super Show exhibitor space gives enthusiasts the largest selection of leading UTV and sand sports manufacturers and products all in one place. The Fairgrounds will be packed with more than 300 vendors showcasing hot UTVs and sand cars, new products, and the latest innovative technology. Attendees will also have the opportunity to check out the latest products from the top manufacturers at the event. The Sand Sports Super Show is a great weekend for the entire family, so mark your calendar today as the excitement continues!

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2017 Sand Sports Super Show - UTVUnderground Garage Party Invitation!
4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage Invite You To Come Party With us


4 Wheel Parts & UTVUnderground.com are partnering for the second year in a row to bring the UTVUnderground Garage to the 2017 Sand Sports Super Show (SSSS) on September 15-17 in Costa Mesa, CA at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The team has plans to top their massive launch in 2016 at the SSSS by expanding on inventory, show specials, vehicle displays, and plan to kick-off a new consumer sweepstakes giving attendees of the show a chance to enter to win a brand new UTVUnderground Garage built 2017 Polaris RZR XP1000 at the 2017 Camp RZR Glamis event held in the Glamis Dunes on October 27-28, 2017!

The 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage booth will kick the weekend off by a hosting a massive customer appreciation party in timing with the opening of the show on Friday September 15 from 7pm-10pm. The customer appreciation party will be held inside of the 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage booth and will include live DJ, photo wall, 4WP / UTVUG Garage swag, free drinks from Hangar 24 and MORE! The party is open to anyone attending the SSSS and is a way for the team to thank customers & attendees of the show for visiting the booth.

“We are thrilled for the 2017 Sand Sports Super Show. It was the first show UTVUnderground.com ever attended, and since 2009 we have always used the show as a chance to network and thank our members, fans and friends while displaying our trend setting builds. In 2016 we launched the UTVUnderground Garage alongside 4 Wheel Parts and brought the UTVUnderground party vibe to the new 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Booth in a major way. The customer appreciation party was a hit and not only did all of our industry friends join in, the then new UTVUnderground Garage customers were able to see that the dune lifestyle was alive and well within 4 Wheel Parts. 2017 is sure to be bigger and better and we are really looking forward to having a great time with everyone in attendance,” stated UTVUnderground CEO & Founder, Joey DiGiovanni.


Attendees of the 2017 SSSS will be able to take advantage of huge savings through the 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Sand Sports Super Show Specials. The team will be offering mounted tire & wheel packages with savings up to $350.00 per set as well as UTV transforming cage, roof, doors & light bar packages with savings of of up to $900.00. Attendees will also be able to take advantage of the huge 4 Wheel Parts show inventory with over $200,000.00 of products & accessories on hand throughout the weekend and available for immediate purchase.

You can visit the 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage online at www.UTVUndergroundGarage.com. Sand Sports Super Show schedule, location, and information can be seen at www.SandSportsSuperShow.com.


About 4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage
The UTVUnderground Garage is title for the UTV parts & installation division within 4 Wheel Parts. In partnership with UTVUnderground.com, the UTVUnderground Garage was formed as a way to give 4 Wheel Parts consumers a core identity within the UTV retail space. The UTVUnderground Garage acts as the product distribution end for UTVUnderground.com, using the brands reach, product expertise, and identity to further help consumers shop, purchase and build their own custom UTVs while utilizing 4 Wheel Parts online marketplace and far reaching store locations spread in and around the United States. Learn more at www.UTVUndergroundGarage.com.

About UTVUnderground.com
The world's fastest growing all inclusive UTV site contributed to by both enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. UTVUnderground is the go-to site for fresh, original content and is known for its dedication to hosting all of the latest news and insight surrounding the UTV industry. Thousands of monthly visitors from over 100 different countries around the world go to UTVUnderground.comfor their daily dose of UTV news and information.

4 Wheel Parts / UTVUnderground Garage Kicks off Sand Sport Super Show in Style
2017 Sand Sports Super Show – Day 1

Costa Mesa, CA (9/16/2017) – The Sand Sports Super Show Presented by Nitto Tire kicked off Friday at the OC Fair and Event Center with a record turnout on the first of three days of the event. Known widely as the ceremonial kick off to the Southwest off road season, the event is bigger than ever this year and caters to all things off road.

Showing the continuing explosive growth in the UTV industry, UTVUnderground Garage celebrated the start of its second year with a party for customers, partners and fans. UTVUnderground Garage is a partnership with 4 Wheel Parts that allows customers all over the country to up-fit and customize their UTVs at 4 Wheel Parts locations, as well as offering UTV parts through its mail order catalog.


Joey “D” DiGiovanni from UTVUnderground was astounded at the turnout for the party. A record number of attendees turned out Friday, showing just how much the off road lifestyle continues to grow.

“The crowd coming in on Friday was insane,” said DiGiovanni. “The UTVUnderground Garage was packed all the way across the booth. That’s really cool for us to see. Just making a quick pass through the show, to see how many people were coming in is a good tell as to where the economy is right now. It’s definitely at a peak right now.”


Along with the kick off party, UTVUnderground has several custom-built UTVs throughout the show. They had four built machines in their own booth, as well as the FatRodv2 and Cinderella, both custom-built Polaris RZRs, in other booths.

“The Fat Rod in the Rockford Fosgate booth looking really good with a brand new wiring job,” said DiGiovanni. “We have a brand new Dynamix Polaris RZR, which is in the SDR Motorsports booth. We built it to unveil it here at the show and it’s being seen for the first time. Then we have Cinderella, which is a 2017 RZR XP Turbo in the Method Race Wheels booth. It’s a really clean and simple build, but it stands out because it has all of the right parts and there’s no graphics.”


DiGiovanni was also celebrating the addition of new partners to the UTVUnderground Garage. Along with existing top companies like Assault, Method Wheels, SDR Motorsports, Rigid Industries and Tensor Tires to name a few, they are equally as excited to welcome new brands like FUEL Wheels and Tires, as well as Pro Armor and AEM.

“UTVUnderground Garage is branching beyond just “A” items like cages, doors and lights,” said DiGiovanni. “Now we’re getting into these mod items like engine mounts and data logging. We also have soft goods. Whips are big this year. The first order we had today was to a gentleman from Qatar that purchased 16 of the new Buggy Whips. It’s pretty cool to see that.”


Matt Martelli with UTVUnderground Garage is pleased to see continued growth in the UTV industry. In less than 10 years, what was then a fledgling part of the industry has grown into a colossus.

“We’re one year old now and things have grown a lot,” said Martelli. “You walk around the show and it’s 90% UTVs, which is funny because Joey was one of the first persons to bring a UTV to this show and he got laughed at. It’s a little redemption, but it’s also the growth of the market. This has turned into a real UTV show. You don’t have to be rich or some gnarly physical specimen to come have fun in a UTV. You see regular people walking around the show with their families and that’s what this is all about. The UTV platform is the perfect entry into off roading.”

Fellow racer Colten Moore was here enjoying the party. Moore, who suffered a spinal cord injury attempting a double backflip on a snowmobile at Winter X Games in January, said he should be back racing a UTV soon and will likely be ready for X Games.


“This is my first time here, so I’m excited to be here,” said Moore. “My recovery is awesome. I cannot wait to be on something flying through the air. If those doctors don’t let me go soon, I’m going to freak out. I’ll be back in the SXS sooner than later because I like to push the limits. As far as I know I’ll be back at X Games. I don’t know that I’ll be doing any backflips, but I’ll be in it for medals.”

Roy Turner from Cyprus, CA brought his grandson to the show and did some shopping. He enjoys the family atmosphere of the UTV lifestyle.

“You can get a four seater and take your kids and grandkids out and have a good time,” said Turner. “It seems like the UTV community supports themselves and it’s very family oriented. There is a lot of product here, a lot of music, and it’s pretty cool. I got a good deal on some PCI radios, and a quick release fire extinguisher.”


Vendors are always a huge part of the Sand Sports Super Show and there are more than 300 here this year. The UTV aftermarket seems to grow exponentially ever year, with everything from hard parts to electronics and lighting. Lighting the way is Buggy Whips, which manufactures LED illuminated safety antennas.

“Our whips can take up to 160 mph, are UV protected for 25 years, have 180 LEDS per foot, and 1,150 lumens per foot,” said Russ Porter from Buggy Whips. “So if you want to see at night, this is the product you need. UTVs are getting faster. We’re running our whips in races now, on Trophy Trucks, on chase trucks. This product is designed to last no matter where you’re at in the world.”

The show continues Saturday and Sunday with doors opening both days at 9 a.m. Tickets are $20 and children 12 and under get in free. For more information, visit sandsportssupershow.com.

Sand Sports Super Show Shows Strong Growth
2017 Sand Sports Super Show – Day 2

Costa Mesa, CA (9/16/2017) – If anyone had any doubts about the future of the UTV industry, they were enlightened as the Sand Sports Super Show Presented by Nitto hosted a record crowd during it’s second day at the OC Fair and Event Center. Since being taken over by Bonnier Media last year, the show’s explosive growth shows just how strong the industry is right now.

Started as a show for mostly sand rail and truck off road enthusiasts, the event has morphed into one that mirrors the shifting trend toward UTVs in the off road lifestyle. One of the leaders in that growth is Yamaha in a segment it all but defined 13 years ago. Yamaha representative Steve Nessl is proud to see the growth.


“This show has always been popular, but they increased the exhibitors between 15 and 20% and did a really good job because it doesn’t feel cramped in here even with a lot of people,” said Nessl. “You have all of your “A” players here from the audio, tires and wheels, and dealers from the SoCal area. This is really cool to see. It shows that the market is strong. People still have a vested interest in the SXS. This used to be just a sand rail show. UTVs took it over when Rhino started the trend. The outlook is bright.”

After debuting the Rhino in 2004, Yamaha has continued to innovate and its YXZ 1000 is the latest of that innovative spirit. The direct shifted YXZ has thrilled enthusiasts and has dominated the TORC Series this year in the hands of drivers Johnny Greaves and Rodney VanEperen. Yamaha allowed people to summon their own inner racer here, allowing fans to drive YXZ 1000s on a specially prepared course.


“We allowed people to get a couple of laps in a YXZ and hopefully get them into that direct connection mode when it comes down to your pure sport SXS experience,” said Nessl. “We didn’t want to give up our display booth. We have our all-new turbo out there, our new Wolverine X4 for the more family-oriented trail folks. We also have a new 2018 blue and white model special edition.”

Marcelo Danze with Assault Industries was showing off a new line of products for the Can-Am X3. He couldn’t believe how much the show has grown.

“I can’t believe how many people are out on this Friday night; it seems there are at least triple the amount of people as last year,” said Danze. “The Can-Am X3 is a hot item right now, so we came out with front bumpers, rear bumpers, grilles, the F22 doors and lots of other good stuff.”


Of course a UTV event wouldn’t be complete without UTVUnderground. Joey “D” DiGiovanni is here with UTVUnderground Garage and 4 Wheel Parts. Along with several cars in his booth, as well as several others around the show, he lauded the family atmosphere at the show.

“This is about the lifestyle end of it,” said DiGiovanni. “It’s not just about selling products. It’s about selling the lifestyle. Any time we include the family, that tops it off for me. Having my wife and kids out here, and all of our friends and their families; that’s what off roading is all about.”


Speaking of family, we spotted high school racer Sierra Romo here. Through Romo Motorsports, the entire Romo clan races and is the epitome of the powersports lifestyle, be it UTVs or snowmobiles. Romo has quite the resume and has come on strong this year in just her second season of racing in the BITD and WORCS Series. She finished fourth in the UTV World Championship and has consistently finished in the top five in the WORCS Pro class.

“My favorite part of this is racing with my family,” said Romo. “Not many people can say that they race against their mom or their dad. There are girls younger than I, going out there and kicking butt and hanging with the guys. Shelby Anderson and I are out here holding our own with a bunch of guys in the WORCS Pro class. It just proves that anyone can do it.”


The aftermarket has grown along with the industry and it is huge at the show. Rows and rows of over 300 vendors are here showing off the newest and best products for wheelers to outfit their rigs.

Elka Suspension unveiled its new three-inch diameter shock package for the Polaris RZR and Can-Am X3. Elka, which is also known for its world class ATV shocks, has been testing the new shocks all year in WORCS and BITD with drivers Matt Hancock, Beau Baron, and Mike Cafro.

“It’s designed for high-performance racing applications and for hardcore enthusiast,” said Elka’s Patrick Tellier. “It’s very similar to our regular Stage 5, but the internals are totally redesigned for oil flow. It can handle much more abuse.”


Walker Evans is showing off its new 3.0 Velocity Series shocks here. The race-proven design will be available for the Can-Am X3 and Polaris RZR XP models at the end of October. They also too the wraps off the popular Walker Link rear swaybar shock that will soon be available for the Can-Am Maverick.

“RJ Anderson won the UTV World Championships with new shocks and we’ve been running it in the desert,” said Reid Nordin with Walker Evans. “We’re fine tuning it for enthusiasts and amateur racers. We have the Walker Link that’s been really popular on the XPs. We developed a unit that will work right on the rear of the Maverick, both the 64 and 72-inch versions.”


RT Pro displayed the new Fox Shocks internal bypass dampers. The new aluminum bodied shocks allow for rebound adjustment and save a bunch of weight off of stock units.

“These are the new internal bypass shocks,” said Kyle Burnett with RT Pro. “These have rebound adjustment, aluminum bodies, both inner and outer, that reduces weight by 23 pounds. They have a whole new look and three different settings for the springs. They will work with both two seater and four seaters from 2014 to 2018. Retail is $5,000 for the front and rear set.”

HiPer Technology by Weld went vintage here with its new Weld Cheyenne-inspired UTV wheels. Modeled after the iconic off-road truck wheel, it uses new technology to make it lighter and stronger.


“We wanted to come out with an iconic Weld design and the most iconic design was the Cheyenne,” said HiPer’s Glenn Merchant. “So we took that design and incorporated it into our new flow-formed UTV wheel. It’s about 20% stronger than a regular cast wheel and about 10% lighter.”

KMC Wheels has long been a stalwart in the off road industry. It unveiled two new wheels at the show called the Addict and the Grenade. Both will be available beadlock and non-beadlock, in a several different colors and in multiple sizes. KMC also sponsors WORCS and BITD racer Mike Gardner.


“It’s really exciting to see what the industry is doing right now and it’s going places we never thought it would,” said KMC representative Brian Myers. “Mike Gardner is awesome. He’s going to get out there and tear it up.”

The Sand Sports Super Show continues on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $20 and children 12 and under get in free. For more information, visit sandsportssupershow.com.

What was Nessl from Yamaha referring to when he said "we have our all new turbo out front" is there a new turbo yxz model?
Looked like 75% was never X3 and Max X3 cars this year.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
Looked like 75% was never X3 and Max X3 cars this year.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

For sure the most Can-Am's ever at a Sand Show, or any off-road show. I think it was probably closer to 50/50 though. Still tons of RZRs.
For sure the most Can-Am's ever at a Sand Show, or any off-road show. I think it was probably closer to 50/50 though. Still tons of RZRs.
If they didn't have a built Can Am in there booth as a vendor you would have been out of touch. Pretty much everyone had one or 2. Not bad considering that car has been in real production since October of last year.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
If they didn't have a built Can Am in there booth as a vendor you would have been out of touch. Pretty much everyone had one or 2. Not bad considering that car has been in real production since October of last year.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

Can't argue that at all... The X3 is the hot tamale right now. But, the Sand Show has always been about the flavor of the month. I think we all just forget that every year when a new RZR was dropped it was featured throughout the show. When that 1000 hit, if you didn't have one of those in your booth you weren't relevant. But at the same time, there wasn't a whole lot of other vehicles on that level at the time. Now there is several.

I crack up when I see someone say stuff like "they should call it the UTV sand show" and stuff like that. Its like we should feel guilty or lame for saving the sand industry. Reality is, the quad has been dying for almost 10 years and the sand car thing blew up with the market crash in 08. But the bad ass sand car companies have all survived. This year showcased the baddest Sand Cars I have ever seen in one place at one time. The builds Funco & Tatum turned out for Jeff Pont were just next level and Racer & Buckshot also had some insane stuff. Its a fun time for sand sports.
The current Rzr has been Rhinoed the way I see it. Just like when the Rzr 800 came along and the Rhino was all of the sudden old news. Along with that Tyrex.
X3 has the look and performance. Shit just changed up again.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
The current Rzr has been Rhinoed the way I see it. Just like when the Rzr 800 came along and the Rhino was all of the sudden old news. Along with that Tyrex.
X3 has the look and performance. Shit just changed up again.

Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

Rhino'd? lol I wouldn't go that far... but the X3 certainly raised the bar!
It was a great show and lots of well decorated UTVs. Only saw a few truly custom UTVs.

One of my favorites is still the 4 seat turbo XP that Magnum Off-road turned into a 2 seat dune machine. That Yamaha near the Assualt booth with the 4 link rear suspension was interesting. The Funco built X-3 was a beautiful car and love the cage they did.

For sure lots of X-3s at the show and it was expected. It is a good looking car and a blast to drive. It is the dune machine of choice until it starts scattering belts and parts all over the dunes. LOL!

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