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  • I have had it for like 2 yrs for my little one but she wants one that is a little more girly....... Its clean and runs good but does a lot of sitting cause she thinks its a boy quad and wont ride it ! Yea she is a brat lol
    Yea its crazy how fast they grow man.....hey I didnt get a chance to take pics last night cause it was dark when I got home but if you want to look at in just google pro comp 50cc quads and it should come up and i will try to pics of mine to your email asap
    I will get some pics tonight and try to get them to you man. Congrats on the poss house man it has been along time coming on that one !!!! Kids have been sick but all in all the family is doing good, how is your little one doing ?
    Hey king you find a quad yet ? I have a 50cc pro comp all blue quad if your interested pm me. Need to get it out of my shed
    Damn still havent found anything yet man.... thats chity ! When we finally going to go out and kick a couple cold one back and get your ride on ?
    Yea it has been a rough one for everyone that relays on budgets and people having money to spend. O wait that is everyone lol I work in Riverside but if you ever need amber lighting or anything in those lines hit me up lol
    I work for a company that outfits police and service vehicles. I have it easy cause I'm the shop foreman so I second you on the not getting dirty anymore. Lol what dealership do you work for
    I hear you on that man, hell I leave my toy at work so when im working on it im away all together. Family is doing good The lil one still has her nights and days mixed up but thats all I have to wine about so I can live with that for now
    Hey I pruned the post in the pics thread to keep on topic...Rusty is workin somehting up for you!!!
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