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  • Hopefully that isn't the case but its sounds like the smart thing to do. I will prob no mid wk about work so I will hit u up
    That sound cool I should be able to find it, hey but if its going to rain I'm going to be a pu$$ I have suede seats so it really makes for a wet ride. Let's see if we can round up a couple. More peeps
    as far as i know it would just be us lol maybe gabe would like to go,. Bee canyon is at the bottom of HWY 74 if you were to be going up to idyllwild from hemet its the first bridge you cross at the bottom right passed the forestry station
    Not really around here just have been to silverwood everything else is in the desert. Ow and salton sea but to far for a lil ride. Where is Bee Canyon at exactly ?
    alright man how about we meet at like 7 in the morning at bee canyon so it doest get too hot or do you know any good spots to ride
    I live in Riverside not to far away, let me know when and where to meet I will try to get my rhino and get it going tomorrow.
    Sounds good you only have weekdays off right ? also it does kick into gear when the idle is high so if it is here and there I wouldn't be to concerned
    What's up man the pics from Bishop are bad@$$ thanks for the invite...haha is that right there where you go up to south lake and that ?
    joey has been wanting to get us az guys out there for awhile now. What happened to the lyen king thread of im done? Did they delete it?
    also been gathering parts to put a hayabusa into my fathers rhino that is the summer project i dont look forward to at all
    i got a teryx and lately just glamis, cuz after every trip im tearing into it to upgrade. after this weekend i am going to do a bbk on it dont know if gonna do a 840 or 900 kit yet.
    i know what you mean he needs to jus chill crazy old man is getting all worked up over nothing there is people who do care on this site. besides how would he kow if anybody is a member of the brc or has joined since he came on here?
    That's not bad ! Let me know when u plan on going this sat I'm going out to barstow and watch the m.o.r.e. Race. If ur not busy let me know
    Sounds like a good run, I will have to pass on the stream parts if its to high due to having a k&N on the floor board. I don't want to suck up any water, I assume that you have to go thru the water and which would cause a prob. Besides that I'm game for a ride.
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