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  • nothing..it was a problem....I had a tool of a member who was using dynamic IP's and I had to ban him.....your IP got caught up...
    how old is she would it be good size for my 3 year old boy or you think its to small....i got to get him his own ....
    sweet thanks yeah i hope it happens and fast so i can start to hook my rhino up more its just been on lock down cause i dont wanna spend to much on it yet!! but as soon as i get my full garage its on........along with my k5 and 1970 fullsize chevy truck ...sorry to hear about the kids being sick sucks when they are sick my boy is getting big thanks ...cant wait for him to start crawling
    sup wagon bro i think i might have one 95% sure it will start escrow just waiting on the bank sorry ive been mia got any pics of it email me at c1070@yahoo.com lets ck it out hows work been 4 you and the baby girl
    How you'r dads project comming along? sounds like we are doing the same setup "mild chop & drop" Did he go with the mastercraft seats?
    I gotta pic a ride or the races. Might be able to do both but its going to cost me some flowers and some kind of romantic weekend next weekend. Are you guys riding Sunday?? The races are Saturday....
    Damn just saw your message before I sent you the text. Hit me up on that subject. I'll bring the tow strap if you want and I can just pull you up and down the beach if you can't get the motor running. We are heading out Thursday mornining and have most of our camp coming Friday day and night.
    sorry bro i know i should be on here from now on house kinda just takes a long as time getting tired of it but i will find some thing
    All I gotta do is turn my two year olds radio off and suddenly I can go 15 miles per hour faster. Turn the wifes off and its really on after that! So yeah man...try to make it out, should be a good weekend.
    Cool deal. One of the guys from work is taking his 8 month pregnant wife. A couple of the others are pitching tents since they are on a budget. Just giving you and idea of what kind of excuse your going to need if these guys are even going!
    We are heading out probably Thursday or Friday which is the 6th or 7th. Depends on work. My buddy with the Teryx is going and a couple of guys from work and there buddys. Should still be a family atmosphere with maybe three trailers and two RVs.
    I gotta find the damn disc with the right pictures in it. Don't think I have one of it aired down, just at ride height. So whats up with Dune Tour man?? If its cash, I'm a good getaway driver aslong as you do most of the dirty work.....
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