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  • Curious if you were taking pictures during the bike race. Particularly after the Nasty whoop section?
    Hey Joey, Ordered my Stickers, thanks for the extras, put my two small round UTV on my truck looks good. thanks again.
    Joey I am dropping off my car this week for nelson racing to build it for worcs and was wondering if i could have you send me the pdf file so i could have UTVunderground on the car. thanks
    Joey I'm looking to buy a xp1000 but I've been told to wait for the 2015 model but I can't stand waiting!!! What do you think should I wait or get started now?
    Is UTV Underground going to be at Ocotillo Wells, March 1st and 2nd for the Teirra Del Sol event? Hope you can make it out.
    Joey, I finallly signed up on Face Book, and just wanted to say thank you for setting that up with Can Am.
    Hey Joey, there is a really sick Wildcat that just got finished on the wildcat forums. Owner is Tennessee would be really nice to see a build tread on that machine. It is one of the nicest turbo conversions that i have seen on a wildcat.
    Hey Joey, I have been searching for weeks now and emailing vendors so on and so forth anyway I need some 4130 hear does anyone sell it or have any I want new hoodies any help would be kick ass
    hey joey my name is dennison i have been useing the site mosty on my phone using tap a talk but for the last week or so i have not been about to use it it says to contact the forum administrator if i keep having this problem. do you think you could help me get back on the site using tap a talk? thank you for your time..
    Hi Joey D, Kane here. I am racing Baja again this year for sure, mostly new team, RZR 900. Send me a email and maybe we can talk some sponsorship, Live the Dream
    Hey Joey - Crusty from GD....who is the guy to talk to at Berts for a RZR 4 XP 900?....thanks.
    When are they planning on printing up ISA stickers to place on our UTV's to represent? How many members strong are we?
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