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Yesterday morning started out like every other day,,when I noticed Chubbs wasn't getting up,I thought he was just being lazy but when I picked him up he's rear legs just folded to one side,not sure what to do I called UC davis medical center an rushed him over to the emergency center,after extensive test,,,they found something wrong with his spine .
I immediately broke down an lost it......some people may think ,,,it's just a dog,but people that know me know Chubbs means the world to me,I never had any kids,so you could say Chubbs is my boy,we go every where together and he just loves going for rides,,hanging he's lil face out the side of the rhino an sniffing away,I always wondered what he was smelling?? I mean we're in the dunes what's to smell out here dude,, is what I'd say to him.
I guess the reason I'm writing this is just to pass the time and waiting for the the hospital to call me an say how the operation went,as they told me there can be compilations with surgery .............I've never felt so much pain,the look on his face when the doctors took him away ,just killed me..God if you can hear my prayers.....please bring back my boy!


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I'm truly sorry. My family's prayers are with you and with your dog
Please keep us informed on how he is doing.
Wow Ben I am deeply sorry to hear about Chubbs!! :eek: I have always seen him I most of the photos you post. Dogs are a mans best friend! I have two of my own and now that I think about it I would honestly break down if something were to happen to any of them. Hope Chubbs Surgury is succesful and he has a speedy recovery! Please keep us posted on his codition.
Sherry an I went to the hospital yesterday with a way to short of a visit with Chubbs,,it was really sad seeing him all shaved in different spots an IV tubes on his paw,an the weak look in his eyes,,they have more test still to do,he looked pretty exhausted from yesterdays test,,,but he's hangin tough!
I'm planing for worse case scenario if Chubbs loses the use of his rear legs,an that is to have BADASSFAB make a little chromoly cage with some kind of padded support and wheels so he can still get around,but Sherry an I are still hoping for the best!


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The doctors are telling me he suffer some kind of a stroke do to his spine.


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Sorry to here about your little guy...
I hope he gets well soon...

I have two of my own, my rottweiler (Chevy), She starting to have hip problems & it kills me.. I told myself there could never be another, but I bought my wife an english bulldog (Tank) & he has stole my heart as well... both are my perfect Garage dogs...


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Really sorry about Chubbs. We hope he gets better very soon. We have 2 dogs & no children, so I know how you feel. Get well soon Chubbs.
sorry to hear this My Family will help and put him in our prayers we hope he pulls out..
such a bummer to hear. Chubbs is famous in the UTV forum world and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ben!!! Get Well little buddy

All of our prayers go out to Chubbs. We know how he's not just a pet, but a valued member of your family. We all fell in love with him the moment we met him. We are so sorry to hear the bad news and hope for a full recovery.

Take care buddy,
Danny & Magnum Crew
That same stroke happened to one of my animals! I totally feel for you and wish you and your puppy the best of luck and courage!
Man do I ever feel your pain. Anyone that's been to our shop has met my two kids, Sandy and Dusty. My two yellow labs. Dusty is having major problems with his hips. They just turned 10, too soon to be gettin old. It's really killing me.

Hope Chubbs pulls through with flying colors. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.


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