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  • Ya SDR built the hole car back in October. He is pretty busy over thier and was wonder if their is anybody else local that knew their shit. I think the car is more setup for Glamis than the dez, and I want to set it up primarily for the dez.
    Right on, glad they did you right. I was going to have them do a clutch kit, muzzy exhuast, MSD and dyno tune this summer. I think I may try and use that money to get my suspension dialed in though. Im not quit satisfied with the way it rides. a little harsh in the dez. Do you know anybody local that knows their shit in suspension tuning?
    Sorry to hear ur son has passed, when I read that it hit home as I have two little boys myself. Let me know how the pro shop treats u, I plan on having them do some go fast goodies this summer.
    benchmark is super good but kinda far...you over trumiph ? There is ims I have they are really good to...I took mine to RIS designs off the 19 they were priced really good but lacked knowledge of the rhino set ups. But if it is to swap piston or head gasket they are ok
    Yeah I getting the bills rolling in from when my grl was in the hospital and they SUCK....cool will let me know when you take care of that so we can hit the trails man !
    I dont have any but they are the spun rin with the inner ring and the beadlock also the center is cut and has a 3/8s alum piece with holes cut....I will try to get something and let you know. Im sure if you went with cash it would be a def story on the pricing
    He got the 3 piece spin rim but got a smoking deal ! Who did you talk to Bones...also if you tell them your paying cash they will prob work a better deal !!!!
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