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  • hi was hoping to get some info wife and i are planing a trip to Bryce or zion any good RV campsites that are UTV friendly?
    what day were you planning on coming Friday or Saturday I won't be getting there till Friday night let me know
    There's a 2007 FK2100 going on dealer auction in Tucson on 8/24. If you email me I'll send you photos, condition report, etc. thx.
    Hi DD, Toni Valenzuela here, we are planing on getting there Thursday nigth, my son and Ernesto want to help mark the trail. Anyway, i am looking for more info on ride, I know I have seem it somewhere here, but now I can not find it, where is it???
    O I C I saw alot of people heading in the directions off HWY 78. Sounds like a cool spot. Its unbelievable how much of riding area there is out there!
    Truckhaven is west of Salton City. You head west on North Marina Drive. South Marina Drive is Where the Arco Truckstop - AM/PM Mini Mart is. We drove our Rhinos to the gas station & gassed up. Kinda cool. Truckhaven has a lot of washes & some rock crawling. It is a lot less crowded than Superstition or Ocotillo wells.
    Where exactlly is truckhaven? Am guessing by Salton Sea? Looks like I my need to check it out myself. The arches look sick!
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