Tackling Moab with Kawasaki KRX 1000

Matt Martelli - CEO

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Moab is beautifully stunning. It has so many amazing landscape views that it’s hard to process when you are there. If you have not been to Moab do yourself a favor and go immediately. Off-roading takes you to a lot of unique areas of Moab all while surrounded by painting like beauty. It’s like your driving around in Van Gogh painting, at times it seems surreal. Moab is super family friendly and you don’t need to take your UTV, there are plenty of rental places with modern UTV’s. I remember being one of the first who had taken UTV’s with 26” inch wheels, admittedly we struggled up the larger rock obstacles and even had to winch our way up a few. Now UTV’s rule Moab. They have taken over. The evolution of UTV’s continues to this day with the Kawasaki KRX 1000.


Before the first ride started our host gathered us in a circle and asked us to join them in a Japanese style radio calisthenics to warm up complete with some sort of Japanese music with counting in Japanese overdubbed. Just like the movie “Gung-Ho” except everybody was into it. To be honest is was refreshing and a good way to kick off the first day of riding. Like a rookie I had forgotten my trusty full face Impact helmet so fortunately Kawasaki had an open face with some rather bright neon green goggles they lent me. My fault for being unprepared, but now my whole cool guy 909 dressed in black thing was blown.


When I get the opportunity to drive new vehicles I want to push on them and find their weaknesses. I am going to drive them hard but safely. My co-dawg for the first day was Ryan one of the engineers from Japan. I quickly realized he had no idea what the car was really capable of at speed. He gripped the grab bar as if he was on a ride at Coney Island. I assured him we were not going to crash because that was a bad business plan. He did not seem reassured especially after I stuffed the car deep into a sandy corner with a huge hole caused sand to blast up over the hood. Totally fun and normal for me, but he seemed to be a bit stunned. But hey that's' how we share the gospel of off-road, total immersion. By the end of the day he was having a blast but still described the ride as “Sketchy’. That’s one of my favorite things about off-roading is it transcends culture and language barriers and brings people together through the immersive experience of off-roading.


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