FS 2016 RZR XP1000


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2016 Polaris RZR, new engine with 450 miles on it. New transmission with 1400 miles on it. The engine was built by a premier SxS shop in town and is bulletproof. I could have put a crate motor in but I wanted something that would last. Carillo lightweight rods and pistons. New valves, 5 angle valve job. ARP fasteners throughout. The transmission was replaced via extended warranty and before I had it installed I had Nachi bearings put in it. There will be no bearing failure with this one! The car has 9000 miles on it but I've replaced bearings half a dozen times, ball joints the same. Every time there was an issue I fixed it right away and it's been reliable AF. I have receipts for the engine, tranny, clutches, etc.

I had a clutch tune done on the car as well as an engine tune with a Dynojet tuner. Ran the car on the dyno. Stock hp to the wheels on these is 74. This one is putting 88 to the wheels. I have the dyno sheet. It's most likely putting more down as the dyno run was made with the stock exhaust.

CIR Racing roll cage with integral rear bumper
CIR Racing front bumper
CIR Racing spare tire carrier, it's a one off. He only made this style for me.
CIR Racing glass windshield
Trinity Stage 5 exhaust, matte black. This isn't the slip on, it has the tuned header as well.
Custom Tree Kickers/rock sliders
Assault D shaped steering wheel
Assault steering wheel quick release
Raceline Mamba beadlock wheels
Arisun Aftershock XD 30x10x15 tires
Shock Therapy Gold suspension and sway bar. Just had the shocks re-sealed and new oil and nitrogen. 0 miles on them.
Brand new Polaris primary clutch with EPI clutch kit
Brand new Venom secondary clutch with low speed engine braking helix
Brand new Gates Redline belt
Radio/intercom mount
Original storage box in case you don't want the radio/intercom mount
Wired with Rugged Radios coax and antenna mount
BS Sand color matching racing seats with submarine belt attached
Dragonfire Racing EVO 5 point harnesses
New battery
New driveline and carrier bearing, 0 miles
High clearance radius rods
Garage Brothers composite bushings. No need to grease them.
Pro Armor full doors and brand new slam latches
Pro Armor door bags
Wolfsnout tunnel insulation kit
Wolfsnout rear firewall insulation blanket
Axis Alloys retro style rear view mirrors
Modquad shifter handle
Wired for a light bar and a pair of cubes on the front bumper. You have to install the light bars and connect the wires. The switches in the dash are present and already hot. I have the lights.


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