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Well after much talk w/Joey and inspiration from Lyin King, Joey decided this site cares enough to join the BRC as a business sponsor!!!! We both are donating some t-shirts from The Underground, Muzzy and Double trouble Hooks! For the first ten guys to donate ten dollars to the cause you will receive a free t-shirt from one of the above vendors. We hope this helps inspire you guys to become proactive without having to spend very much money. This is very important and hope the shirts will be the little kick in the butt to get you goin. So with that being said, lets start rockin guys. Any questions please post up, otherwise contact Joey with your donation information.
Thanks Dorian!

You guys can pay pal money to joeyd@utvunderground.com

Please post up here when you do make the donation. Include your address and shirt size and I will TRY to accomodate you with the right size! I cant promise anything as my selection is limited!

This is a cool thing to do and I am happy to help out! I am putting $10 to ge the ball rolling so we only need $90.00 more!!! :D
joey 20 plus my credit dog..........is that possible and im XL lol.......:D just sent it
I was going to offer to do the sponsorship but it looks like a few others have stepped up. That is cool. I am in for $50.00. I think that will put you where you need to be. If not let me know and I will add some more. I will send it right now.
Ok the money has been sent. If that didnt put you up to $100.00 let me know.
Ok the unemployed guy just donated so come on lets go guys. Give a little, its for a good cause.:D
You guys are awesome!!! We are definitley at $100 now! SO I will make the donation! All of youthat donated shoot me a PM with your addy, full name, and shirt size!! I will dial you guys all in Next week and when I get back from MOTHER G!!

If there is extra donations I will put it towards joining ORBA which is another awesome orginization fighting for our right to off road!!!

Thanks again Guys!! I hope The Lyin King sees this!!
I just figure whatever cash we gather we will put towards joining ORBA which is another orginization fighting for our off road rights!!
What's that run down to join and where we at ? I will throw some cash in and depending on what we (UTVUG) are at and are lookin to throw in I planned on hitting my boss up to see what he can do if he comes in tomorrow.
you guys kick ass, it really is easy when you say no more sittin back

I have a tatoo on my arm of a quote many of you will know:


To me life is too short and I live this day to day and though sometimes I get lazy with it, seeing the fight in others like this fires me up!!

Thanks again guys!!! You would make Lyin King happy!!
I should of put a stipulation on my donation.... Only if the Lyin King returns.... LOL.
here we go boys!!! Thsnks to ALL of you WE (UTVUnderground) are now full fledged buisness members of the BRC!!!


Dear UTVUnderground.com,

We have received your payment and information. Thank you for your support. A receipt for this transaction has been emailed to you by PayPal.

If you have chosen to join the BlueRibbon Coalition, you will be sent a welcome packet with your membership card, pin, decals, and a helpful booklet of information about grassroots advocacy. This may take up to six weeks, so please be patient. You should also be receiving your first issue of BlueRibbon Magazine within 4-6 weeks.

If you chose to contribute, this is a tax-deductible donation and you will be receiving a letter for your records in 2-3 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the transaction, please contact our Bookkeeper, Barbara Larsen, by email at brbooks@sharetrails.org. For membership or donation questions, contact our Administrative Director, Mary Jo Foster, at brmem@sharetrails.org.

To keep abreast of what's happening in the area where you live and/or recreate, sign up online for our BRC alert list. We will notify you of pending legislation, national forest planning, and other issues of interest to you. With the help of our members, we guide policymakers to keep recreation issues in the forefront of the public lands planning process. Together, we can make a difference. One voice, when added to many, gives us a clout that is hard for policymakers to ignore.

Thanks again for your support. You are important to us. Without our members' continued support, and generous contributions, we could not hope to accomplish our shared goals. Americans deserve to have their public lands available for their appreciation and recreation, whether you use an ATV, a snowmobile, mountain bike, four-wheeler, horse, motorcycle, personal watercraft or your hiking boots. Public lands should belong to the public and be shared by everyone.


Barbara Larsen
BRC Bookkeeper
Great Job Joey!!!!

To help fund the ORBA membership Side X Side Action will give a free years subscription to the first 10 guys that donate at least $20.00 to the cause.

Keep up the good work everyone!!!

Sweet Joey....

If you have any mediums left on the shirts you can send me a few for the kids... If not no worries.

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