All UTV's Help-Teryx4 vs pioneer 1000-5 vs Wolverine x4

last week I picked up a ranger crew 900xp that is being used by one of our crews for excavation work along power high tension lines, these are very rugged trails/terrain throughout NH with rocks, mud/swamp, high speed paved road runs etc. I want and need all the love,hate and input possible on these.
In the next week or two it looks like a second machine is in order and this one will be mine for work and for play with the family. I have a family of five but the mrs isn’t likely to participate much- I still would like to be able to include her if the stick ever comes out of her ass! These 3 machines have a lot of my likes and are similar in price. I’ve check rzr4,generals,commanders etc and the wheelbase is close to the ranger and that’s a deal breaker, i prerun the routes and run the shittiest areas to plan out the best options for my guys going fwd, I used/beat the crap out of that ranger due to its wheelbase and lower stance but t did well and survived-a dozen winch pulls helps. I have an articcat/textron dealer in town and can get a good price but there is no platform they offer that appeals, everything I’ve seen them put out looks ok but seems to be built poorly.
-Teryx4- I have several friends with them that live the rigs. Well built, nice suspension, nimble for tight trails etc. I find the driver’s seat comfortable and laid out well. No substantial drawbacks I know of right of but a bigger motor would be cool and the cvt always concerns me even though these ones have a good rep and I would have to drop $900 to get a rear bench setup to accommodate 3, small bed.
-pioneer 1000-5- big motor/power. I like the paddle shifters and gear drive transmission (not sure about durability as I don’t see many reviews out there). I don’t know anyone with one so first hand experience from people I know is nonexistent. Short wheelbase is good. The fold down seats to get a large bed for work is awesome and would likely be very handy with work. The only thing. I have heard the seats suck, when I test-seat then it seems fine but overall comfort isn’t great, I know the rear seats suck and the positioning would get miserable quick for the kids.
-wolverine x4- zero input from people I know, it’s a newer model all together and the positioning in the driver seat felt odd for some reason- the steering wheel is off center. Stuck with 4 seats.Supposedly a peppier motor than the teryx with similar size,rear seat room and bed size. The two were next to each other and they’re visibly very comparable. If these were substantially more affordable it would probably bump them up greatly.

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Well...if anyone is curious I went’s a proven platform in my area and they are bringing in an 18 white base model for 13300, with the 4500lb winch and relentless skids installed it’s still under list price, should be ready for pickup at the end of the week

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