my rhino overheats!!!


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Hoping to get some help with the over heating problem on my 08' 700 rhino. Had it at the dunes, after about 15 minutes it would overheat.:( Replaced the thermostat (it was cooked) tryed to burb all the air out but still overheats. talked to many mechanics in the area, they all say something different.:cool: It could be air in the system, water pump or head gasket. Any help would be appriceated.:eek: My rhino has about 100 hours on it, seems like its always got a problem, some people think I ride it too hard. I'm a 46 year old girl, I'm sure there are a few guys out there that ride harder than me.:D If I wanted to ride like a wennie I would have bought a golf cart! Help!
Have you ever got mud in the radiator? They are notorious (sp) for being plugged with dirt and looking clean. Does the fan run?
I run it in mud all the time, always have, I always pressure wash when I get it home. Where would the mud be hiding?
Pull the radiator out, likely you will find it. Most people that raide in mud think they get them clean but with them out you really can.
if it overheats just in the dunes in 15 minutes and not hard ground then the pump is working. blown head gasket will push the water out of the overflow bottle and leave a white residue in your exhaust. air in the system will not let water flow ( kinda mimics a bad pump ). if the motor is steaming and the radiator or lines to the radiator are cold ( feel both, be careful, it might be very hot ) then the water isnt moving. list all mods to the engine, carb etc.
Some OVERHEATING issues are cause by
Fan motor bad
Fan relay bad
Thermostat could be bad
Faulty ECU
Faulty throttle body
Damaged or loose throttle body joint
Clogged air filter element
Improper oil level
Blown head gasket
Bad radiator cap
First thing I always ask when I hear this is what kind of front bumper are you running? If it's anything other than stock, then does it have any kind of decorative screen at all? You an AC bumper has a cool looking perforated metal screen, some others have big holes in the aluminum......if you have one of these, take it off and try running it again. I had that happen and we have seen it happen a lot.....just something easy to check.
First off, welcome to the site Darcy! This is the place to come for seriously experienced racers and enthusiasts. I just repped all of you who offered solid advice and support to our new member. Remember that feature in the upper right of the post. When someone helps out or posts something you like REP EM UP!

My heat issue came form my fan breaking! Make sure your fan is in operation!! And wash that there radiator you crazy mudder!!!! Oh and post some pics of this bad girl!!
All good info above,

skid plates are bad for rhino's and cooling, like Cory said.

at this point, I would suggest a compression check.

Have you checked the bleeder screw for air in the system?.

fan operation check is in order like listed also.

thermostat sticking could also be a problem

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