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  • Nice, You had better get a UTVUG flag to fly with that,LOL, I also will have a red lighted flag pole at night and utvug and new york yankees during the day, we are normally on the north side of everyone, 12 to 15 trailer group, stop by, i will be in and out from work all week so if not there let someone know and i will meet up with you guys. need to talk to hrt for lt possiblities
    Rog, from westmoreland you take forester rd (south), thats the only 4way stop in westmoreland, you go about 3 to 5 miles give or take and you will come to a road called Imler( it only goes West), you make a right and head west you go about another 5 miles and you will run into Superstition on your right side, ( first section you see is called the Dip where I will be camping, one of the north casmps about 150 yards in from hwy, look for utvug black flag, If you keep going south you will hit wheeler rd and that takes you Superstition Hill, The flats, Jar head Hill, etc. can't miss it once your on Imler. If you have any other ?'s give me a call 760 427-5555
    Sorry Rog for not calling you back. I will call you in the morning. Work has been a mess.
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