EFI fuse continually blowing

Mike Junior

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Hi all, I'm having an electrical issue that hopefully someone can help with.

Had my 2019 XP Turbo out on the trails this weekend and it randomly cut out and shut off. Come to find out it was a blown 10A efi fuse.

I can replace the fuse, and turn the ignition on and the fuel pump primes and everything sounds normal. But when I turn the key to crank it over, the starter turns the motor over, and then the fuse blows again.

Part I don't understand is that it blows the EFI fuse, but I lose the entire dashboard gauges. Could it be a faulty ignition/key switch?

All that I have read on the forums is that there is likely a worn through wire somewhere shorting out, but nothing specific.

I've searched everywhere for a pinched or damaged wire but cannot find anything. Basically a needle in a haystack.

Anyone have a similar problem or have an idea of where to start looking?

Thank you

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