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  • My name is Wyatt
    I have a question. We are coming out west to Race the WORCS series next year and was looking at the Lucas series too. I have been told by a few people that there might not be a utv class next year is there any truth to that?
    We are building a new xp 900 right now to ship to Las Vegas to a friends shop there and plan to fly back and forth for the races to cut down on the costs. Atlanta to to west coast is one hell of a drive.
    Thanks for your help
    Keep up the hard work and make sure to take in what Mike Valentine has to offer. He is very knowledgeable and is willing to help you guys out.
    Sounds good! I will make you some 2 color, Black and Red UTVUG sticks, 12". They will look good!

    I am working out of town all day tommorow but I will try and call him when I have a break or something from the meetings....What races are you guys doing next month...there is one almost every weekend!
    Hey Joey!! Jason says to make sure you call him back tomorrow!!! I would love a couple of 12" stickers if that's cool? Hard to find bigger space on my car...lol! :)
    I am going to cut you custom UTVUG decals. What size do you want? length wise......They are going to be one offs and BAD ASS!!
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