2006 yamaha rhino 450 overheating after rebuild - HELP!


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Before the rebuild I never had an overheat issue - now after 5 minutes of riding or about 10 minutes of idling the idiot light comes on and the overflow will fill and overflow if I let it. Here is what I have done and what is happening.
1) new oil cooler
2) fresh oil and filter - done twice - proper level, proper weight
3) radiator never gets hot
4) checked all passage ways in cooling system - no blockage
5) pulled water pump cover - all fins in place, fins turn when motor cranked, cannot turn fins while engine is off
6) bled both top of engine and at water pump, with radiator higher than engine.
7) NO thermostat - so I should see movement in radiator at start up without cap on - I DO NOT see movement or bubbles
8) radiator cap is in good working order - checked with pressure gauge and works at 19 psi
9) pressure tested system and holds 20 psi for 20 minutes
10) running 93 octane fuel
11) new spark plug
12) In rebuild I used a new wiseco complete crankshaft and bottom end rebuild kit
13) ALL stock parts - NO new anything, muffler, fan, everything is stock

I am at my wits end - I have bleed the system 6 times ran water through radiator - NO Blockage. What to do - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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