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I hope this doesn't start a mine is better than yours argument but I have a friend looking into getting a used SXS. He doesn't have a lot of extra cash but wants to make the right buy. He is looking at either a Rhino or RZR. He likes the size of the RZR better but most of us all have and like Rhinos so we are all telling him to get a Rhino.:D Give me your thoughts.

I have a Rhino and have driven a RZR. I like the Rhino better but if I was strictly sand I think I would want the RZR. What do you guys think? He is at least 80% hard pack and only needs 2 seats.
i have a rhino and im not saying get one because i have one, but i have heard that the polaris motors are not as durable as the rhino or kawi motor.
If its a choice between a Rhino and an RZR??? I'd go with a used 660...RZR's have had durability issues.

Wouldn't rule out a Teryx though...
Definitley a Rhino over a RZR but that may all change as I am slated to get my fingers wrapped around the wheel of a RZR-S in Glamis this weekend!! But I would take a Teryx over all them!! I like the idea of having 2 cylinders to play with!!!
Rhino.... I think it is far more durable and better built than a Rzr. I am not a fan of POOlaris.

Also if he is a big guy the Rzr is out. I am 6'1" and about 300lbs. I cant get my fat azz in the Rzr..... Not without vaseline. 2 guys in a Rzr is not fun....

Here is a pic of Ron (Eat Dirt) and CoachJB in a Rzr up at Pine Cove (Chili Dog Store).... not much room. Nobody tell them that I posted this picture... LOL.

Doesnt look like to much fun with another guy in a RZR ! On the other hand if it was a chick I could see that to be alright on a late night RIDE lol. I would stay with the rhino if yoy are looking to get something without braking the bank, hell one of the forums had a 07 lt 4 seater for like 13gs
I already know I am going to love it and will be changed forever!!! LOL

Say it isnt so Joey, if it is all I want is a pic of you and ur pass ! LOL I dont think it is going to be what you think it is unless RJ is going to be out there, def let us know whats what
Any one gone from one to another? Good choice?

Had a Rhino. Then added the RZR. Sold the Rhino and bought a Teryx. I have also put about 200 miles on a RZR S in a variety of terrain.

All are great vehicles. None are perfect. Biggest thing is to figure out how you are going to use it most.
Just buy the one he likes!! Best decision I ever made was not gettting another rhino and getting the teryx.... However buy what you like and you will be happy. Their is always going to be bigger, faster and better things out their... You might start at a c cup and by the time you are done it will be double ff's
SoCal started this thread for me.
I am
not a big guy 5'9" 180#
don't need 4 seats
ride mostly desert (not much sand)
chase a bunch of LT Rhinos at high speed
have 10 to 15K to spend, less is better
will not have the cash to keep dumping money in to it
if I get a RZR it will be an RZR S
if I get a Rhino it will have long travel
I don't think I can afford a Teryx w/long travel
I just can't buy a money pit

what else can I tell you?

I also want to hear from the guys that have driven more than one
Sand is where power is most important. If that is not an issue, then I would contemplate a Rhino if it meant you could get it cheaper than a Teryx. If cost was similar between a Rhino & Teryx, I would get the Teryx.

I have a great time in the RZR S. Right out of the box it is very capable. But if you need to carry much in the back, it is not the vehicle for you.
RZR S hands down and I have a rhino or wait for the new CAN-AM out in July thats what Im holding out for if its a dud then for sure RZR S

Ask the same qustion on a Rzr forum its funny most guys on here have rhinos:eek:
Teryx ,you can do so much to and faster when built lots of $$$$$$$$$$$,

Rhino = you can find one done up w/ long travel for that price range and make it anywhere and reliable.yamaha has been out the longest and most popular.I own a RHINO LT MAGNUM OFFROAD!!!!!!!!!

Rzr to small almost like an odysey,but on steroids.Cant carry much and dosent have a dump bed.

Artic cat 1000 = Fastest out of the box but lots of $$$$$ and brand new..

Sand rail= Has limits on places to go!!!!!!

SXS is the way to GO !!!!!!!!
RZR S hands down and I have a rhino or wait for the new CAN-AM out in July thats what Im holding out for if its a dud then for sure RZR S

Ask the same qustion on a Rzr forum its funny most guys on here have rhinos:eek:

I was hoping more people had both or have driven more than just a Rhino. Its hard to get a true opinion if you have only driven one.

By the looks of your name your mostly a sand guy? If I was Sand only I would want the RZR because its lighter and faster out of the box.

But I have driven a LT RZR (same kit I have) in the hard pack and on the smother stuff its fun as hell at high speed but ya get into the whoops or on a hill climb it doesnt handle as well as my Rhino and doesnt feel as solid as the Rhino.

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