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Get ready to unleash the power of your SxS in the heart of Arizona's stunning wine country! Cottonwood, a place that's not just a location but an experience, beckons you to join in on an adventure that's nothing short of breathtaking. Nestled perfectly between the blazing desert heat and the cool embrace of Arizona's high country, Cottonwood is like a hidden oasis, surrounded by Sedona's iconic red rocks to the northeast and the majestic Mingus Mountain to the southwest. And guess what? Your Arizona SxS escapade is about to reach new heights here.

Now, picture this: you're approximately 100 miles north of the bustling energy of Phoenix, with the enchanting red rocks of Sedona just a 20-mile jaunt away, and the charismatic town of Jerome closer still. In the midst of all this lies Cottonwood, the overlooked gem that ties everything together. You see, the town's very name is inspired by the grandeur of the cottonwood trees that grace the Verde River's banks, adding a touch of natural poetry to the landscape.

Presenting the event that will have you revving your SxS engines with unbridled excitement – the Red Rock UTV Fest by UTV Offroad Adventures. If you're seeking an adventure that's got it all – heart-pounding trails, camaraderie, and the splendor of Arizona's landscapes – this is the place to be. Brace yourself for a three-day escapade that'll take you through some of Arizona's most scenic trails, all done in a manner that's safe, organized, and ready to fuel your adrenaline.

Kick off your Friday with a twilight ride that'll cover approximately 15+ miles of terrain that's as thrilling as it is picturesque. And the excitement doesn't stop there. On both Saturday and Sunday, choose your own adventure from a selection of two distinct rides, ranging from 50 to a whopping 90 miles! Imagine the rush as you conquer trails that wind through some of the most awe-inspiring vistas Arizona has to offer.

But hey, it's not just about the ride; it's a celebration of camaraderie and shared memories. Delicious meals, camping under the stars, quick draw poker, raffles that'll leave you grinning like a kid in a candy store – it's all here, folks. And here's the kicker: it's an experience designed for everyone, whether you're a seasoned SxS veteran or a rookie eager for their first taste of the action.

Did we mention that this event isn't just about having a blast? By joining in the quick draw poker, you're helping to raise funds for local charities, so you're not just conquering trails; you're making a positive impact too.

And for the icing on the cake, staging and camping will be right at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, making sure you're right where the action is.

Got your trusty mobile device? Well, don't keep it waiting – hit that menu option at the top to uncover all the juicy details about the event, the prime location, the action-packed itinerary, and the opportunity to secure your spot. Your Red Rock UTV Fest adventure is just a tap away, and Cottonwood's beauty is ready to be explored like never before.Red Rock Flier.jpg

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