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Hello I want to come on and just briefly discuss some items that people may or may not know or understand.
As one of the Premier builders for American Made UTV parts I get a ton of phone calls and questions from customers. The first is always why are your cages more expensive than XYZ person " Not Gonna Call any companies out or blast anyone" I will try to make this post simple but I know it can go for days.

1. We use Certified Steel from Certified Heat treat mills with Certificates on our D.O.M and Chromoly
B. Why does this matter? If you don't know where the material comes from or don't have a paper trail you really don't know 100% what you are getting. Some builders do not care and they mix mild steel in cages.

2. Why shouldn't you mix Mild Steel or use mild steel with a cage?
B. ERW Mild steel does not have the same bend characteristics as D.O.M or Chromoly, It tends to fold, tear or break in the event of a crash.
C. D.O.M Stand for Drawn over Mandrel, D.O.M Material is more malleable and bends or stays together before folding cracking or breaking.

3. Chromoly is stronger than all these materials but is more brittle, A common misconception is that chromoly is lighter than mild steel. Given the same o.d. and wall thickness a chrome moly tube weighs the same as a mild steel tube. Chrome moly is the abbreviation for "chromium molybdenum", and it is an alloy steel. It was designed for and is used extensively in the aircraft industry due to it's high tensile strength and torsional load ratings.

4.ERW is most often made from a 1010 alloy

5.DOM is most often 1026 moly steel, containing nominally 0.28-0.33% Carbon, 0.8-1.1% Chromium and 0.15-0.25% Molybdenum

7. The PROCESS, We laser cut and CNC Mandrel bend our 4 seat cages, this process is more expensive and more accurate as well as making the tube a bit stronger, the cnc mandrel bender does not stretch the tube at the bend point like a traditional bender does, A tool runs the inside of the tube and keeps the inner and outer wall from stretching.

8. CAD DESIGN AND FIXTURES, When a cage is CAD Design in a program we can find manufacturing constraints as well as flaws prior to making the cages, When hand building cages you are not able to do this.

This post is to help educate Customers on making a good decision for a roll cage manufacturer, Ask these questions, If a builder uses mild steel do not purchase a cage from them they are cutting corners to save a few bucks.
Any reputable builders will not mix or make cages out of ERW MILD STEEL!!!! PERIOD

I hope this helps anyone looking to purchase the next cage for a UTV
Thank you


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