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UTVUnderground at the Rally On The Rocks Moab, UT

UTVUnderground.com along with Team Green Kawasaki, UTVGuide.Net, SXS Outfitterz, OffRoadPress.com, and special guest Larry Roeseler have made it to Moab, UT for the 2010 Rally On The Rocks.

We will be using this thread, UTVGuide.net Blog, and Facebook to keep everyone updated on our 5 day adventure through the vast terrain of Moab. This is my (Joey D.) first trip here and already I am blown away by the amazing scenery and crazy terrain. Driving through these amazing canyons en route from San Diego, CA gives you a sense of just how old our amazing earth is. We endured cold weather, snow, and some rain to get to Moab and we are expecting to have an epic week of wheeling in our UTV's.

I will be posting updates as often as possible with fresh photos from the trails. All the links are below to keep up to date with the days events! We will post as much as our cell and mobile internet service allows us to!

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Well Day 1 of riding Moab is in the books! We had an amazing day of wheeling with only minimal carnage. We trailered south of Moab and did the Gold Bar Trail. Let me tell you, for someone who was not really into rock crawling I am now a huge fan! Even though we never got over 35mph the entire day it was still some of the freaky most crazy and intense riding I have ever done.


My guide and host for the trip is Reid Nordin AKA Team Green here on UTVUnderground. Reid can drive and he knows Moab very very well! He did things in his 2009 916cc Muzzys powered Monster Kawasaki Teryx that I never knew a UTV could do!


We hooked up with local friends the Wagon Burners family which was an awesome surprise. They had 4 UTV's with them - 2 RZRS, a RZR4, and a Teryx all of which had some awesome custom chassis work.


Jon "Crowdog" Crowley had his Muzzys/Monster Kawasaki race Teryx and he showed us what that Machine is capable of time and time again. He had a problem lat ein the day when he hit a rock face pretty hard and ripped an upper a-arm pivot point apart. They got it to the trailer and its already been welded up and ready for tommorow.


UTVUnderground member and sponsor Rick "Wally" Wallace of SXS Outfitterz and Wally World Designs had his Adventure Tours Kawasaki Teryx out today and there is nothing better than listening to Wally give me crap for losing my BlackBerry on the trail today! haha...Yeah so no more on the trail updates for me! DAMN!


Another UTVUnderground sponsor and member, Todd Romano of DragonFire Racing joined us on the trail as well. Todd is an animal behind the wheel of his DFR Teryx, he had that thing jumping off of rock faces and he was determined to take his car up the most extreme walls Moab had to offer.


We also had the pleasure of having off road racing LEGEND and 12 time Baja Champion Larry Roeseler along for the ride today in his Kawasaki Teryx. This was LR's first time in Moab as well and in true LR fashion by mid day he was hitting any obstacle anyone else could do. I imagine tommorow will be a blast watching all these guys try to outdrive eachother.


UTV OffRoad Magazine Editors Troy and Don Merrifield also rolled with us up Gold Bar today. They were in their Polaris RZR4 and they showed time and time again what those RZR4's are capable of! Look for a coupel stories from UTV OffRoad Mag surrounding this trip!


Damon from HCR and a few of his guys also attended our run today. The HCR machines did everything and their suspension worked really well when navigating the crazy Moab Terrain!


Aaron from PRP also joined us and he wheeled his PRP Rhino with Rhino mafia suspension everywhere!​
Before we go jump back on the trails this morning...here are a few videos from Day 1 of riding in Moab!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9MBZbjRmSQ]YouTube - Moab Day1 Part4 Rally On The Rocks www/UTVUnderground.com[/ame]
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhYhhlWtkDQ]YouTube - Moab Day1 Part5 Rally On The Rocks www/UTVUnderground.com[/ame]
Reid you need to make JD crap his pants. Take him down the big rock down hill..Looks like tons of fun and be safe out on the trails..
Awesome pictures as usual JD, keep them coming!!!

Makes it a little easier being stuck back here at the shop.

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