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23.jpg24.jpg25.jpg26.jpg27.jpg98.jpgAdventure Unveiled: SXS Guided Overnight Ride from Big Water to Escalante, Utah

Story and Photos by Kim Krause

In a thrilling display of camaraderie and exploration, adventurers from across the western United States converged for a memorable SXS guided overnight ride from Big Water, UT to Escalante, UT. The journey, spanning three days from May 23rd to 25th, offered participants a taste of the rugged beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes that define the American Southwest.

The event, which attracted 25 eager participants hailing from Texas, Idaho, California, Colorado, and Arizona, was a celebration of off-road exploration and community bonding. With a convoy of 14 SXS vehicles, the group embarked on a journey filled with adrenaline-pumping rides, breathtaking vistas, and unforgettable experiences.

The adventure commenced on Friday with a meet and greet at the Rodeway Inn in Big Water, where participants gathered to check-in and prepare for the expedition ahead. Against the backdrop of the majestic Grand Staircase National Monument, anticipation ran high as riders geared up for the thrilling escapade that awaited them.

Encompassing nearly 1.9 million acres of protected wilderness, the Grand Staircase National Monument served as the gateway to the expedition, offering a glimpse into the geological marvels that awaited along the route. From its towering cliffs and mesas to its winding slot canyons, the monument's rugged terrain provided a stunning backdrop for the journey ahead. As the SXS vehicles navigated the rugged terrain, travelers were treated to panoramic views of Lake Powell, its shimmering waters glistening under the desert sun.

As the convoy ventured along Smokey Mountain Road, travelers were treated to a fascinating sight - underground coal fires, smoldering beneath the earth's surface. These mysterious fires, ignited by natural processes, added an eerie yet captivating allure to the landscape, serving as a reminder of the region's geological complexity.

The journey into Escalante was marked by a refreshing rainstorm on Saturday, providing a welcome respite from the desert heat and an opportunity for the SXS vehicles to receive a cooling wash. The inclement weather also fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie, as participants gathered in the lobby of the Prospector Inn to bond over dinner, poker, raffles, and laughter.

As the convoy made its way back on the trail, participants were treated to the mesmerizing sights of Devil's Garden on Sunday, heading back to Big Water, where natural wonders in the form of Hoodoos stood in silent testament to the passage of time. The unique rock formations, shaped by millennia of erosion, left a lasting impression on all who beheld them.

One of the highlights of the expedition Sunday was traversing Collet Road, where stunning canyons carved by the forces of nature captivated the senses. The rugged beauty of the landscape, punctuated by towering cliffs and winding canyons, served as a testament to the raw power of Mother Nature.

Adding to the allure of the journey were the thrilling off-road experiences near the Grand Staircase National Monument. Smokey Mountain Road, with its challenging terrain and breathtaking vistas, provided an exhilarating backdrop for the adventure. Collet Road, with its rugged canyons and natural obstacles, offered participants a true test of skill and endurance behind the wheel of their SXS vehicles.

Throughout the expedition, participants were treated to two breakfasts and one dinner, courtesy of establishments such as Magnolia's Kitchen and Escalante Outfitters. Additionally, each participant received a commemorative t-shirt, a poker hand, and a raffle ticket, adding to the excitement of the adventure.

For adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts alike, the SXS guided overnight ride from Big Water to Escalante offered an unforgettable journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes the American Southwest has to offer. As participants returned home with memories to last a lifetime, the spirit of adventure and camaraderie forged on the dusty trails of Utah's backcountry would continue to live on in their hearts.

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