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I've posted this question but I unfortunately I have not had any answer. What is the normal oil temp for a 660 rhino motor? I wonder if the oil can handle temps as high as 320 degrees?
wheres Rog at? LOL Your Rhino runs like a raped ape Michael!!!! Gotta love Weller!

Funny thing is that dudes are still betting against Weller (got 720 & 686 Rhinos wanting some, yet right) I don't understand why. I'm from CA and I went to them because I have yet to see anyone faster. These guys do their homework and the results speak for themselves. Bobby's Teryx is fast as hell. Cory's Rhino is fast as hell. Austin well he is a different animal all together. Why bet against these guys I will never understand. The best thing is that their motors do hold up.
there are lots of good motor builders out there but only few have the race resume that Weller has!!! I am excited to have a weller 720 motor built soon!!
I ran a little test on stock motor Rhinos since on 3 forums, several dealers and several engine builders could not absolutely say what is normal oil temp for Rhinos are. I ran 3 stock rhinos with stock oil coolers and radiators and found that under heavy load in temps of 100 to 105 Rhinos with stock radiators ran approx 320 to 350 degrees. The water temps were consistently 210 to 220. My Rhino ran 300 but no higher with a 760 Weller motor and size able aftermarket oil cooler with large fan. Are these temps over time engine killers, Yes. Yamalube becomes less effective if exposed to high temps for long period of time. Which can lead to engine part failures (crank, rod, cases etc...). Switching to a synth oil like Amsoil will lower the temp and improve engine protection in these single cylinder motors. But the best improvement would be to add an aftermarket oil cooler and synth oil as well. Doing this will definitely improve the life span of these motors and help prevent engine part failure.

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