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Wild Frontier Thrills: UTV Offroad Adventures Conquers the Northern AZ Peace Trail!

Story and Photos by Kim Krause

In a whirlwind of excitement and camaraderie, UTV Offroad Adventures embarked on a thrilling expedition through the Northern part of the Arizona Peace Trail. Over three unforgettable days, 23 UTVs carrying 48 eager adventurers traversed approximately 300 miles of this renowned off-highway vehicle trail system. It was an inaugural event that left all participants yearning for more, showcasing the allure and grandeur of Arizona's wilderness.

The Arizona Peace Trail, a 675-mile loop system nestled in the scenic landscapes of Mohave, La Paz, and Yuma counties in western Arizona, served as the backdrop for this epic adventure. Covering about half of the loop, the journey promised unparalleled vistas and boundless exploration.

The adventure commenced in the quaint town of Wickiup, AZ, as guests from near and far gathered for check-in. Among them was a traveler from as far as Washington, as well as, travelers from South Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. With anticipation palpable in the air, the ride leader and tail gunner convened for a driver's meeting, setting the stage for the exhilarating days ahead.

Fueled by excitement, the expedition kicked off on Friday morning with a hearty breakfast at the Hidden Oasis RV Park restaurant, a welcoming oasis amidst the desert terrain. Here, participants fortified themselves for the adventures ahead, ensuring they were fully equipped for the journey with extra fuel, snacks, drinks, and rain gear.

Day 1 on the trail was a feast for the senses, with highlights including historic landmarks such as stone cabins, Founder's Cabin, and Woody's cabin, the Spider, alongside natural wonders like the iconic London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. The morning rain bestowed upon the trail a pristine quality, eliminating any trace of dust and enhancing the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

As the day unfolded, the convoy made its way to the Quality Inn Hotel in Lake Havasu, where guests were treated to dinner and accommodations courtesy of UTV Offroad Adventures. After dinner there were raffles, story sharing, laughs, drinks and new friendships. With spirits high and memories in the making, participants retired for the night, eager for the adventures that awaited on Day 2.

And Day 2 did not disappoint. The journey continued towards Kingman, AZ unveiling a tapestry of sights including the enigmatic Hole in the Rock, small town of Oatman, AZ known for the many donkeys roaming the streets and the old west shootout, and natural wonders like slot canyons and flowing waterfalls. In addition, there was a stop at the infamous panty tree and stripper pole, and RED’S (retired extremely dangerous seniors) makeshift bar.

The lunch stop was in Topock, AZ at the Topock 66 Restaurant and Bar on the beautiful Colorado River. High above the peaks are views of Laughlin, Nevada, Bullhead City, AZ and the Colorado River. The day's adventures culminated in Kingman, where the Best Western Plus awaited with dinner and restful accommodations. The charity poker winner was announced and awarded their prize.

But the best was yet to come. Day 3 heralded an ascent into the majestic Hualapai Mountains, cloaked in a blanket of snow that shimmered in the morning light. With elevation reaching beyond 8000 feet, the group embarked on an adrenaline-fueled ride through untouched trails, navigating hairpin turns and hill climbs amidst the breathtaking scenery. From Boriana Mine to a tranquil coy fish pond, the day was a crescendo of adventure and natural splendor. The ride went through Yucca, AZ capturing views of beautiful Joshua trees and ocotillo plants. From Yucca the trail led to the “Brutal Trail to Wickiup”, which the name says it all! The brutal trail was rough, rugged, rocky, tight, and at one point impassable. In addition, the weather moved in with rain and more snow. The ride leader called on the radio for “the big boys” to help move the giant boulder in the middle of the trail that fell from the recent wet weather. It took about 5 guys to move it.

As the expedition wound its way back to Wickiup, hearts were full, and memories were etched in the sands of time. The Northern part of the AZ Peace Trail had revealed its wonders, leaving participants with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the Arizona wilderness and the spirit of adventure that binds us all.

In November 2024, UTV Offroad Adventures will complete the the Southern Part of the AZ Peace Trail. Don’t miss out on a once in a life time adventure with UTV Offroad Adventures!

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