Cage Pricing what to expect?


Hey Guys,
If you are not familiar with my company it is UTVWOLFPACK We are an aftermarket parts supplier for Polaris, Can am, Yamaha, Honda. We build heavy duty parts and cages.
I have a question that I would like honest answers as we roll into the next 2022-2023 year. With material Pricing going through the roof we are trying to pin point customers opinions.
Please answer honestly as we are trying to break down some items we feel are important.

We currently want to know what dictates your opinions on what cage manufacturer you choose or have chose?

Pricing what is expected VS. what is in the market.
should a 4 seat rzr or 4 seat can am cage be?
Would you pay more for material Certs to know you got what you are told?
Would you pay a little more for a thicker wall main tube in the cage?
What about lead times?
Powder coat Quality?

same with 2 seat cages rzr or can am What is expect to pay

If you have some free time help us out and answer a few questions, We want to see what the average person thinks on this.
Thank you

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