Mint 400 entry costs...speak your mind

Which entry fee is better for growth of the UTV racing class?

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  • Last years entry cost (around $1500)

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Personally I find it very disturbing that the UTV classes have such a high entry fee for the Mint 400.

$2500 + $94.99 (fee) and if you want to add a 3rd and 4th driver (which I always do because they can fill in when someone is ill or injured) is another $100 + $6.49 fee per addiction.

Some background...last year total entry was around $1500 with additional drivers. So as far as my pre-millennial education tells me is that we have at least a $1200 increase to the entry fee for the UTV classes.

Today I noticed a price change for the RS1, Sportsman and Rally classes to $1500 + $64.99 fee. These classes were $2500 a week ago. So I am glad some progress has been made. I’m quite certain it is still an increase over last year but it is still way better than $2500. Disclaimer... I do believe these classes may only race a limited amount and not the full number of laps. Also, I did not screenshot these other classes the opening day for registration.

It is also very upsetting that so many are upset about the entry costs and then Mad Media makes some social media post asking what band should they hire for the end of the Pit Crew Challenge. for a high end band when you still have yet to answer questions about what we are getting for the money that we didn’t get last year!!!! Seriously, explain...we or I want to know.

I will refrain from posting comments about what may or may not be happening for certain classes. I am doing so in an effort to try and get a response from the parties that make desicions. I would rather the discussion be made in good faith rather than slinging mud.

I want to know what the increase is getting the racer?
What is this fee?
Why are we being charged extra for driver 3 and 4?
Should we expect changes to UTVWC entry fees?
What are the payouts?
What is the breakdown of entry fee (percentage or amount going to BITD and Points payback)?
Why is the cutoff for “Parker Racers” before the actual races themselves? Doesn’t that seem unfair?

I do hope that those at Mad Media (who now own this webpage and all of its advertisement potential) will step up, break the silence and answer questions. Please step up and be leaders. You made these decisions now answer for them. We need the information. Racers are feeling pushed out of the sport they love and a race they love.

Anyone that has an opinion please chime in. Your voice must be heard for anything to change. If you are afraid to voice using your actual name because of fear of reprisal or contract problems that sucks....this is the time for racers to speak up. We need new racers...the growth of the racing side affects everything. Think about it.

Jeramiah Drew
BITD Racer

ps: sorry for any misspellings or grammatical errors
If the entry fees aren't set high enough, 'Joe Blow' might pull a 2018 V2R with much less effort and/or money spent which probably wouldn't set well with a whole lot of folks.
There is really only one way to clear a field effectively this side of qualifying which is often prohibitively expensive in and of itself.

I don't blame the promoters for charging the moon whether there is any conspiratorial reason for it or not as these builders have been spending money like drunken sailors. To not expect a significant piece of that pie for putting the hardware on their mantles is like 'dating' a sailor on one of those pissing-money-away leaves.

They don't care so just try to get away with your dignity intact.

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