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Hey guys, we got some parts in today!

left drive/sprocket hub


right drive hub


rotor adapter plate (if you are using the inboard rotor)


chromoly splined through shaft


the end washers that hold the hubs/shaft together


the outer stub shafts (if you are not using gear one, you will need these)


The plate kits are getting bent and tig welded up. It looks like the kits will be going out first part of next week. All the machined parts are chromoly and have been zinc coated so that they will not rust. This was important to me. Let me know what you guys think! I am doing my best to get them out as soon as I can, but I want them perfect!

All these parts and some more pics can be found at

Thanks! 480-507-4771
We have it set up already where we get them fully welded.......with the amount we have ordered, they are welding them up for us! :) If you really want one in pieces, Jason can probably pull a kit before it's welded, but it would be the same price......
Beautiful pieces. Can't wait to see the welded up plate pieces!

Thanks for posting Jason
Nice.... cant wait to get mine!

Jason, can you give a bit of a rundown on rear suspension setup without Gear One setup?
how much are the sr1 kits, what is the best year motor to get?

02-03 have about 30 less hp than the later years. 04-06 are cheaper than the 07-08, and are only down 8 hp, and have less complicated stuff that my be an issue (moving velocity stacks, slipper clutch, some sort of drive by wire).

I went with 04-06. The mount kit is the same as 07-08, so I can upgrade in the future if needed. I couldn't find a great deal on a 07-08 when I was looking, but they are out there.
Kit prices will depend on your current setup, and what you will need based off of that.....

I'm running the 02 motor right now, but will most likely upgrade to an 08 as well.....not before we see how the 02 stacks up to an 08 on the track, though.
From the dyno sheets I've seen, it seems the 02-03 have a little bit better low end, like up to about 8000 rpm, than the later motors. That could definetaly help in the corner exit speed.

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