Yamaha Ron Woods vs. Muzzy

ron woods or muzzy, and dont say muzzy just becuase they sponsor the website

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Murder Red
i have a 700efi for those of you who dont know already lol :)
i want to get a new exhuast to help get my mid to top end back since i got the 26 inch terra cross's any sugestions?
for 660, ron woods.. for 700, muzzy. Ron woods didnt seem to spend as much time perfecting their 700 exhaust, from what ive heard. The muzzy piece is a nicely engineered/sounding exhaust for sure, but expensive!
Heres my take on it, The muzzy is a big difference from the stock .I have a 660 rhino re jetted.It keeps pulling low,mid,and top end.
Sound is awsome..

Never ran with some one with a ron woods.

Price: I think the muzzy's cheaper>>>>>>>>

Temecula motorsports muzzy costs $820.00
some one with a dino needs to do a pipe shootout bring us some proof..on a 660 i have seen nothing better than the woods but have not ran with someone with the muzzys
we need to get someone to do a dyno on the 700 between the muzzy and the ron woods i want to know really bad because the ron woods is $585 and the muzzy is like $800 so if i can save the 200 dollars i would like to
I haven't tried ethier one but I have a 660 and I priced a 660 muzzy and I think It was low to mid 700. It sounds like the ron Woods for 585 is a good deal ! For me if the performance is the same I think the Muzzy set-up looks bad azz and I would save for a lil longer and buy the Muzzy.....my .02
I got a price on the Muzzy for my 660 and it was 725 plus shipping from AZ... Don't think the 700 should be much more ! Just trying to help out a lil to save some paper
call john at the proshop and he can get you an even better price on the woods(714)892-1300
I've got a dyno for Muzzy with intake and MSD. If anyone can get a similar set up for Ron Woods we could take a look. I've not driven a ron woods but have heard it and in my opinion the Muzzy is quieter and sounds better. I'm happy with my results but like I said I don't have anything to compare it too.
I think a muzzy worth about +5 hp on 700, not sure about the woods 700 pipe, but there 660 pipe was nice.
the test must be on the same car I think the pro shop might do this if we got togeter and gave him some $$$ for his time
well heck lets look into it, it would be nice to see what prevails from the ron woods muzzy and ac flow exhaust
john would probably do it if you sent him the pipes, he already has the woods, someone donate the muzzy's for testing and were in.

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