BUILD THREAD: 2018 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix


Well. Midway through completing the build my good friend Chad Ragland passed away due to his battle with Leukemia. This was extremely hard to cope with but this build took on new meaning.

Chad was the owner of CageWRX and this was the last build I would work on with his involvement. We spoke at length while I was completing the cage assembly and he was stoked to see it completed. Unfortunately he wouldn’t get that chance and so it felt right to turn this machine into a tribute to him.

But before I post the final pics which some of you any have seen via social I’ll take you through the rest of the build.

I enlisted the help of my buddy William Rivera of Powersports Kings in Lake Elsinore to help me with some detail work and save some time. I didn’t trust myself to cut into the carbon fiber dash and I also wanted him to run some wires through the cage for me.

He and his team did a great job and turned it around for me quickly. The FourWerx carbon fiber ride command Dash came out awesome!


We plumbed the fresh air lines for the front seats through the center tunnel. I wrapped them in a reflective heat wrap to help knock the heat down which I don’t have a photo of.


The rear Baja Designs RTL light bar, buggy whip, PCI antenna and Race air wiring was all plumbed through the cage with soldered and heat shrinked connections.



We also installed a Baja Designs dome light and front head light replacement kit which you can see in the first photo of this post.




Win electrical complete we moved onto installing our Assault UTV goodies. We put rear trailing arm guards, new round convex mirrors, rear radius rods and we had already installed our matching front grill.

I not only love the assault Products, they are also a rad group of people and awesome company to work with.

With Chad heavy on my mind and completion getting closer I got to work on a wrap. Originally I was going to do a clean two tone themed wrap but now it was going to highlight Chad Ragland and his memory. I hit up Andrew at ProLineWraps and we got to work on a theme.

We used a Chad’s logo and on the roof I included a verse he had texted to Reid Nordin prior to passing.

After seeing the custom Vans seats that Triple X Seats did for my buddy Danny G and his RZR I wanted to run a set myself. I had them make me a bad ass set for a custom General I did with SDR & Rockford Fosgate for SEMA. I was so stoked I gave them first crack at seats for this RZR.

Herbie and I came up with a color scheme and design and as expected when they arrived I was so stoked. They came out awesome!!


Seating position is bad ass and they are very comfy. The front seats have a front pocket / pouch that holds whatever you may want to toss in it. I’ll use it to hold my phone and charge with extra micro fibers and maybe a flashlight.

They also have a rear pocket for the people in the backseat to use.

Andrew from ProLineWraps sent me the wrap and I contacted SignArt in Vista, CA to help with the install. They had done he wrap on our RZR Race car chad and I had built together. They jumped right on it so while I prepped the seats the got the wrap installed. It came out awesome!!!

I brought the rzr home and immediately went to work installing the seats, Grant harnesses and cut all my Race air lines to length. Of course when typing this it seems like it only took a few minutes but it ended up taking the whole evening. I made some final adjustments on the seats as I removed the sliders to get them down as low as possible.

With the build now complete I stood back and admired the transformation while thinking hard about my buddy Chad. It was bitter sweet.


The next day I got it outside and took it for a little function test. I noticed while driving that the car had a loud whistle after installing the MTNTK Performance high volume charge tube and blow off valve. It would take me until KOH to figure out with help from friends that 1. The BOV was put in backwards (I’m a dummy) and 2. The charge tube clamps were quite tight enough lol After a quick turn of the wrenches all was solved and was back to full power with no more whistle.

But during my first function test at home I was very pleased with how the machine turned out. The wrap pops in the sun despite being dark in color.









With the build complete it was time to head to King Of The Hammers to get it Dirty. I really wanted to keep it home and have it taken to Chad’s Service to display but I knew he would have wanted it at Hammers getting attention and plus I built it to have out there to let some Polaris employees chase the race with me.

I was able to fly via helicopter from Hammer Town back to chads Service that Tuesday and then back to Hammers after thanks to Craig Scanlon of Polaris and our buddy Heli Jim. It was hard to say good bye but it was an honor to speak at the service and honor my friend.

Everyone was stoked on the new build and I was happy to show it off and tell its story to those who asked.

I commissioned Jason Zindroski to take it out before it got dirty and shoot a full feature on it to share here soon. Here are some teaser shots.





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