BUILD THREAD: 2018 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix


Well, here it goes.. Its been a while since I have done a legit build thread and since I am doing this build in my own garage I figured what better time to get back in the mix.

I am not doing the fab work and its not that crazy of a build so its not going to light the world on fire here but figure its always cool to watch a machine transform.


I am starting with a new 2018 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix edition. The plan is to build a reliable, clean and cool do all UTV that I can use for Pre-Running, Trail Riding, Dunes, or whatever I need it to do while keeping the miles and abuse off of my over built rigs. So essentially, this one will get the crap driven out of it.

I picked the unit up at Camp RZR in Glamis. Its one of the first XP4 Dynamix machines out and has been awesome other than the fact that it had an air bubble in the cooling system that made it run hot. I got it home from Glamis and bled the system and its been awesome the few trips I have ran it around since then. To Polaris' credit, this machine was never set up when I took it. I was the first outside of Polaris to get my hands on it to produce the shakedown video we did with Brandon Sims so I robbed it before it could be completed.

I got it home and immediately slapped a set of 15" Walker Evans Racing beadlocks I had laying around wrapped in new BFG 30" KR2 UTV tires. They were for the FatRod but since that machine has been restricted to dunes duties only, it will only need dirt shoes on for display and service stuff so I figured I would poach these wheels and tires since the match the look and style I am after. I may consider running a 32" down the line but these look pretty good so far.


Cage is always at the top of the list. I have decided for now to retain the stock doors. I actually have grown to like the factory doors with either the lower inserts or the full Polaris accessories aluminum bolt on skin. For this one I went with inserts and added those. It was painless to do and took about 20 minutes with minimal tools.

Fast forward about two weeks and it was time to start this build. I stripped the car down solo and with no one around to help me lift the cage off I just tore it down in pieces. Removed the doors and got it ready for the new cage to arrive.

For the cage I decided I loved my CageWRX 4 seat Race Cage so much on my 16 XP4 turbo that was stolen last year that I would build another machine using one. Luckily I was able to salvage one of the last remaining carbon fiber trimmed windshields for that cage. I had delivered CageWRX the windshield and had them fit it on the new cage prior to powdercoat. Bummer thing is, the day I was going to put the windshield on the new cage, my youngest son knocked it over while it was leaning in "safe" spot in my office shattering it. I made a few calls and was hooked up with Allen's Auto Glass in Hemet who made the original and they fixed me up in 20 minutes earlier today so I am back in businesses, albeit $150 poorer...

Anyway, I got the cage back from American Powdercoat in Escondido, CA. They did a triple black chrome coating and it looks awesome. I went with a red roof because I am a sucker for red & black as most of you know, and it fits with the dynamic theme. I got the dzues springs all riveted in and got the cage on with help of my wife and kids.


It was a team effort lifting it on and normally I wouldn't ask them to do something like that but I had to fit the new 55 Cadillac in the garage and so I had to get that cage on the car to make room...


With the cage finally on which took a little effort to get aligned, I decided to put the rear doors back on. I was expecting the worse as far as alignment. It seems re-aligning doors can be a real SOB but surprisingly they snapped right in! I was in shock and say a little thank you prayer!

I got a new Grant suede steering wheel and their disconnect on as well. I love these wheels. They feel amazing not just cause of the suede but the actual diameter and shape of the wheel. The disconnect is really nice. I don't use my air impact to install them anymore, I just heat them up real good with a heat gun and then use a wrench and breaker bar. I use a UTV Inc steering wheel puller to remove the wheel itself. I put the spline part back on with blue loctite and use the wrench as well. On Cinderella (my other two seat XP Turbo) I broke the power steering box the day before King Of The Hammers putting a wheel on... NEVER AGAIN! That sucked to change out for the first time. Now I am a pro... lol


I also installed a Vivid Racing grab handle. I love the look and quality of this part. It also acts as a lug nut tire iron in a pinch...


For fun I installed the Vivid Racing rear exhaust carbon fiber cover. I ordered a carbon fiber FourWerx carbon hood and carbon ride command dash from ForuWerx.. just waiting on it to arrive.


I decided to start to tackle the wiring and installation of my coms. I ordered PCI Race Radios ICOM 50w race radio and 4 place intercom as well as a 4 person PCI Race Air system. I got the Race Air set up placed in a position I think I will like but not sure if will stay there yet... I really like their mounting bracket. I hate trying to find places to put this awkward shaped part using the included bracket so this PCI billet mount makes things much easier.



I decided to get the dash pulled apart all the way since I have a new Carbon FourWerx ride command dash coming like previously mentioned. Pulling the dash down is pretty strait forward for those who haven't done it before. Reaching my fat hands up behind it to disconnect everything is always fun...


I will share more about what I learned when installing the race radio in the double din location in my next posting. The Dynamix control system get in the way.. I will give some details about that..


anyway.. hope you guys will follow along for this one. Pretty fun diving in and spending my evenings working on my junk. I forget how much I love doing this, and how much I hate it at the same time. Lots of work left to make it to hammers on time and I still have more parts to order and on the way....

Until next time...

Forgot to mention that Assault UTV grill.. Matched perfectly!

The Fourwerx Carbon Hood & Dash arrived as well... gonna pull a long night and try to finish mounting the coms and get the dash back in.....
Well, not much progress tonight from the outside but I was able to get all the PCI Race Radios intercom cables and race radio antenna ran. I am taking my time as I HATE wiring.

Once its cleaned up a bit I will show how I ran some cables. I am marking all cables on both ends for easy service and maintenance should something go wrong down the line or another owner has to figure things out. I am also taking caution to run every phase of the system separately as the biggest mistake racers, shops and every day enthusiasts make when installing these is they slam power, antenna and coms cables all together creating a lot of interference.


On another note... my FourWerx Carbon Fiber Dash & Hood arrived. I snapped the shot on the hood of Cinderella which has the same hood. This is the first time I have ran the FourWerx Ride Command dash. I have ran their hoods and other products for a couple years. Its some of the nicest and best fitting carbon pieces on the market.


I'll tackle some more tomorrow evening and share whatever progress I make. I have some parts coming from Assault industries, and a couple other companies that I ordered today. Every time I say I am going to do a simple build in turns into this... lol
I should add.. I am a bit nervous to cut into the carbon to put switches in. Any advice anyone might have feel free to share other wise I am going to just break out the masking tape, drill, and dremel and get busy! lol
Well, good progress last night. My buddy Daniel Schenkelberg came up and had some beers and helped pull some wire.


I went ahead and wired up the intercom and race radio. Tried to keep it clean and factory and make it very easy to ever service or diagnose for repair.



I also got the dash all installed and back in. WOW, this FourWerx carbon dash and hood fits so tight and clean. The parts are perfect!! And they look bad ass!!!


I also got the CageWRX Windshield repaired by Allen's Auto Glass in Hemet reinstalled. This simple build is shaping back up!!

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Now i need to get the doors all back on. The rear doors went in and lined up perfectly but the fronts are gonna be a bit more tricky. I got the driver door on last night but its gonna take some serious re-alignment to get dialed. Anyone who has had to do this before knows what a pain in the neck this can be.

From there I am going to run the car over to my buddy Will Rivera at Powersports Kings in Lake Elsinore to have him cut the dash. I bought painters tape and have the parts needed to tackle it, but with such a nice dash I don't want to mess it up by making a rookie mistake.

What I am going to do, is practice on the dash I pulled out of the car!!

Will, will also wire up the PCI Race Air and Buggy Whip. I will then get the machine back and tackle the other items I have coming in like seats, headlights, rear light bar, etc etc... Its going to be a thrash to get it all done for Hammers but we will make it happen.
I should add.. I am a bit nervous to cut into the carbon to put switches in. Any advice anyone might have feel free to share other wise I am going to just break out the masking tape, drill, and dremel and get busy! lol
Drink a few beers first.

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Going to have any shock tuning done?

I have no plans for that. The Machine works pretty good with the Dynamix shocks. Now, if I go LT like I did with my two seat Dynamix, then you have to send the shocks out to be reworked. I used Shock Therapy and they did a great job.
I have no plans for that. The Machine works pretty good with the Dynamix shocks. Now, if I go LT like I did with my two seat Dynamix, then you have to send the shocks out to be reworked. I used Shock Therapy and they did a great job.
Not even springs huh? It's amazing how much just getting the correct springs softens the Turbos up.
Not even springs huh? It's amazing how much just getting the correct springs softens the Turbos up.

I may do a spring kit, but I'll wait until I actually get this thing over 500 miles before I worry too much about the suspension side. I am going to add some radius rods and trailing arm guards to the machine prior to hammers.
So today I am going to deliver the RZR to Powersports Kings in Lake Elsinore where my buddy Will Rivera will tackle a few of the wiring items and put switches into the dash... Stay tuned for more updates!

Triple X Seats are building me a full set of custom UTVUG seats as well! I have really been liking their quality.

Made the drop to Powersports King’s in Lake Elsinore, CA. They are going to get busy right away. Stay tuned for more updates.
Well, I fell off on the build thread but I got it done... I will add more here... it came out amazing! Stay tuned..

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