RJ Anderson - Driver Of The Year


Congrats to UTVUnderground Team Rider, RJ Anderson for being awarded Side X Side Action Magazine's UTV Driver Of The Year!


You heard it here first! Congrats to RJ Anderson and the entire Walker Evans Polaris RZR Race Team. RJ has done a fantastic job in both the XMF and Holz Racing race Polaris RZR's. We have enjoyed watching him this entire year and can't wait to watch him for many more!!!!!!

Read all about RJ and all the other Side X Side Action year end award winners!


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Congratulations Young Man !!

You know if was'nt for your Pops you would be nothin LOL
Dude Rj u way deserve driver of the year. You r a great racer and a great friend can't wait to race u again it is always a blast when we r hanging out hahaha "U no what i mean:D" but any ways congrats again c u at primm!!!
NO - don't cut it - I love RJ's hair!!

RJ - congrats to you - you deserve this more than anyone I can think of! :) Hope to be able to share the track with you for years to come!! :)
Wowww, thank you sxs action magazine. It is an honor to even be classified with such great talent that is spread throughout the utv racing world. I couldnt have gotten anywhere close to where i am to today though without the help from my sponsors, Walker Evans Racing, South Point, Kroyer Racing Engines, Polaris, Goodyear, Mastercraft, Team industries, K&N, ORW, UTVUnderground, XMF, and Holtz Racing. Also, I couldnt do it without the help from my mom, dad, and everyone else thats ever picked up a wrench and helped work on my race car, THANKS GUYS!!:D

P.S. Does that mean chad wouldnt be anything without you either grant?:p

And Corry, thanks for backing me up on my hair! These racers just dont understand:rolleyes:

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