Yamaha Magnum Offroad +6 LT

Ruggeds Kit is shippin out today I heard!!!!!????? Uh OH...........Time for Rugged to get busy!!!! LOL
i was thinkking the same cause hes trying to sell all kinds of stuff hahaha cant blame him:cool:
Loco was that you that saw Greg and the Rugged Rhino out this weekend? He said they had on a UTVUG shirt!

Nope it wasn't me. I left around 10am on saturday morning, but I got to ride with a few people in Rhino's and Teryx's. Wish I could have stayed longer and rode with some of the guys on this forum.
By the time your ready to roll they will have it for you Dustin!! Glad you figured your password out.......phone tag like a mofo!!! LOL
Just talked to Magnum, they are sending me out new bolts and stuff that I broke over pres weekend. Top notch, and it was my fault for not using red loctite on the bolts and that is why it backed off and pulled out. Thanks Dan!!!!
Which bolts backed out? Gotta go through and make sure we have loctite on everything!
A HA! Better pull those beezys out. We are getting a new steering rack and pinion next week so I wont put too much, but enough.
Thanks guys, I like the fact that we all learn from each others mistakes.
I'm gettin closer, maybe a couple weeks.....I'm getting exicted.....:D

Are the stock brake lines long enough?
Yes, the stock brake lines will work fine with all 2004-2007 Rhino's.

I have steel braided ones available for an extra charge.

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