Yamaha Magnum Offroad +6 LT


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Here it is, EXCLUSIVE UTV Underground members only pricing on our +6 Yamaha Rhino suspension system!!! This offer will not be extended anywhere else at any time.

UTVUG Members Price $4199 (+Shipping & Tax (CA))

System Specs:

4130 Control Arms (Upper Heim / Lower Uniball Configuration)
Full Billet Replacement Tierods w/ 3/4" Heims & Custom Machined Clevis's
Custom Valved 6.5 2.0 Remote Reservoir Racing Shocks
Summers Brothers 4340 Extended Axles
Custom Powdercoat (Gun Metal, Silver Vein, or Gloss Black)
Grade 8 Hardware

14"+ Wheel Travel / +4" Wheelbase

Each system includes a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. This warranty covers any defects in material or craftsmanship for as long as you own the kit.

As any of you who have done business with us know, customer service and satisfaction is our top priority! If you have any questions or would like more details please feel free to PM me or call the shop anytime.





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The guys at Magnum are all good people. Dan, Mike, Carlos and 50tommy. I will be doing a install thread on this suspension in the next couple weeks. I will include installing the frame gusset kit and the complete long travel kit.
Dam you guys.... I thought I was done with my Rhino. I have never tested the Magnum Kit but for that price it might make a good test......

That is a sweet deal..... If anyone is looking for a LT Kit they should jump all over this...
Nice kit Magnum... do the Fox shocks have external adjustments?

External adjusters do not come standard with our kit. I can however install them and include them (on 2, or all 4 shocks) for an extra charge. I can also install them anytime after purchase.
They dont, that is something you can have done to them if you like. Magnums Shock guy doesnt like them.....Dano can elaborate.....

That is correct Joey, I have been informed that if the adjusters are cranked all the way up in the wrong driving conditions that the shock will blow. Same thing if they are turned down to low.
Interesting... a few hommies I know had them installed. I'll let them know.
best kit

This kit has been tested extensively by me and if you don't have it you better get the ball rolling especially at that price.
Jose at SB is the man! I only sell his 4340 axles with my kits and have been nothing but happy with them. We also offer 300m axles for an additional charge.
Jose at SB is the man! I only sell his 4340 axles with my kits and have been nothing but happy with them. We also offer 300m axles for an additional charge.

I am not real knowledgeable when it comes to axles...

What is the difference between the 4340 axles and the 300m axles? What make the 300m better? What are you guys running on your race Rhinos? Have you had any axles returned because they were broke?

What is the price to upgrade to the 300m axles?
difference is a material upgrade when buying 300m.....much stronger material.......Dan runs 300m the majority run 4340 and they work great.....
That kit is the shit for sure, great price. I have had adjusters on my Wer's. and I ended up with them cranked most all the way up for all my driving. Only reason to have adjusters is if your wife is gonna ride around with kids for a soft slow ride. Other wise you want all the shock can give you. I wont use adjusters on my Cat.

i think a well set up shock in the first place, really doesn't need to be adjusted. once the shock is dialed, dont mess with it. imo

I also think my Cat will need the 300m axles. hint

way to represent for UTVunderground! Nice set-up Magnum!!!

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