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I hope RJ is there, we will see if Muzzy wins!!

Ahhah couldn't make this one, pops is in texas this weekend for TORC:(. WE are gonna try to race some on off weekends though, elsi's a blast:D

Congrats Tyler!!!
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Good racing again even tho the turns out was pretty bad, the track lay out was SICK. I can see that track to put on some good races if people would show up, but it was good to hang out with eveyone again even tho Joey was hiding in his truck for awhile......hahahahaha so what's up Dan are you going to make the family wagon class happen for the next rd lol hopefully more people show up so we can see some racing with some good numbers
The turn out wasnt great, but i sure as heck had a blast watching them on that track. Tyler killed it by clearing the jumps infront of the stands, and how about Dempsey's wheelies! I could'nt imagine how awsome that track would have been with a full line up. Cant wait until the next Round, time to spread the word.:D
Thanks for all the support from everyone. We have a ton of new stuff coming for round 2 New sponsors and more stuff for you guys.. The Drivers! Lets spread the word and make it grow... I am uploading photos to the website today, a few are up now... Lake Elsinore Off Road Series!
Wow, four UTV's. Where the hell is all the Cali UTV racers. Great Job Tyler.
Its got to be one of the hardest months to start a series with all of the other events going on. Round 2 will be a whole different story, once everyone hears about the track!
Despite the low UTV Turnout the track was awesome and looks to be a lot of fun when there are more cars competing! I should have raced the family wagon! I think we need to make a family wagon class....mandatory 4 seats!! LOL
LMAO it did look a lot of fun out there but I don't know about the hole nose diving lips they had
Wow, four UTV's. Where the hell is all the Cali UTV racers.

The Teryx.

I talked with two guys in the pits that we raced against (super stock) last year, while they were still competitive with the RZR bottom line, the Teryx brought competition to a new level but only to those that can afford it or were starting from scratch.

1. Dont want to start over with new builds,
2. Used race cars are worthless (compared to the original investment to build it) so they cannot recoupe their costs,
3. The economy.

One of them said he could probably have pulled in another half dozen cars but none of them want to go head to head against a Teryx with $10K in motor work. Modded Rhinos were bad enough.

They are doing what the rest have/are doing, parting out their cars or doing street bike motor conversions.

It flat out sucks.

BTW, there were 6 cars there(Mittag, Winbury, Dempsy, Scratton, Kyla, & Code), we blew a head gasket in Codes old Super Stock and left early, Tommy had a steering rack failure from a previous incident at M4, it just decided to fail at Elsi. EDIT, I see Tommy got it fixed.

I liked the track, its nice to see tables and jump combos that are reltively safe for vehicles to hit, although John Dempsy got the stadium "Ooooo" a couple of times. Thought for sure he was going endo once.

Anyway I hope it gets bigger, we'll come back, Code was having a blast (in a Super Stock) till his motor popped.

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