Lake Elsinore Off Road Series

yeah, not mud for you guys bobby....mud for the nuts that want to get crazy!!! Maybe in trucks or something?
I hope nobody cries when there is rubbing,touching,slamming, and catching air and landing on roofs. Ha ha CAN'T WAIT.... remember the good days dunerider.:D
I dont think anybody will cry I just dont think any of the high dollar cars will show up if they think others are looking to take cars out. Fair racing is fun racing, no one is coming out to try and wreck their cars.
you can if you SLAM them when they pass you!!!! LOL

Rubbing and touching does make racing exciting so dont get me confsed with a sissy but I also understand that there are some out there that like to just drive like they are at the family fun center. Lots of the guys racing are running multiple series' and dont want to tear their cars up every race.
This is true I hate slamming to take a person out. I have come close to putting a hammer through a few friends helmets just because they slammed to take me out. I DO NOT endorse or support takeing sombody out. But if we were racing sidexside and you got the balls to hold it all the way through the turn, then "HELL YAA" its going to be a hell a of a ride. Thats what sucks about the race scene right know. "You cant catch the high dollar cars". Most of these guys are running crazy horse power that most people can't reach because of the deep pockets that these guys have. It would be more interesting if it was equal. Kida like nascar's restrictor plates, comes down to who is a better driver. sorry so long winded but just had to make sure that It didn't seem like I was trying to say lets slam and mess cars up.
no worries Junior....But you cant hate on the boys droppin coin on motor. Thats what keeps the sport moving up and progressing. I cant wait to see that bad azz car of your out there flying these jumps!!!

Whens the world record attempt going down????

then run a different class, where to motors ares stock displacement with bolt ons only.

heck I have my own duner 686 in the race rhino, it does alright.

I agree with Joey that a few run a couple series and do not want to pay for a messed up car after every race, like the pic at the top of this page! :eek:

chris you want me to race ?:D if i had a way to get my car out there my x took a crap:mad: so i am down. me and joey were thing of going out there
I know I can't hate. I'm mostly jealouse because I dont have that kinda of horse power under my foot. But hey I am alsmost done with building my house. Just emptied my savings, $4000.00 on eletric, 2000.00 on water and another 1,500.00 on septic. One thing I learned over the years in racing, family first. Then my extra cash can go right into a motor from Benchmark then I can run with the boys again. I hope to hit you up on that offer real soon Chris.
OYA AND BY THE WAY- JOEY I am working with Harrahs casino to sponsor the jump. I didn't relize how much money goes into this kinda jump. It started out small then all of sudden it blew up, now I am dealing with contracts and lawyers. I will be making an announcement with a well know magizine real soon. I will keep you posted. I will be having V.I.P. passes for a few people. I will be sure to put you name on the list.
Muzzys is throwing some contingency cash in.....

Also Direct Concepts is offering an extra $200 for 1st place finishes...

More sponsors and goodies added daily........

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