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So the whole experience was pretty amazing. This was my first UTV race, and I had no idea how hard the rock crawling parts were going to be, so I asked Bob Roggy if he was interested in driving. It was his first UTV race, but he races jeep speed in the Baja and has also competed in rock crawling series and all of the King of the Hammers racing. Bob also did all the cage work and a lot of the assembly.

We arrive Sunday night after midnight and went to work the next day to finish everything up. Our schedule was real tight in part because we didn't have much time to begin with, and also because we found out the Teryx had a blown head gasket two weeks before the race.

After getting things all buttoned up on Tuesday afternoon, we went for a bit longer pre-run. All seemed well until we headed back through a rocky section and ended up blowing out the right front-outside CV. Thankfully, Mike Lasher from Side x Side Action was with us and he had a spare front axle in his trailer. We swapped it out easy enough, but it was dark by the time we finished.

7AM driver's meeting. There were 5 UTV that had shown up. Several more had paid for spots, but didn't show, or said they would be there and didn't. Here was the lineup:
-Jagged X had their 1919 BITD RZR
- Casey Currie was driving a long travel Teryx with stock fuel tank in the rear and boat sided skid
- Mitch Guthrie was racing a long travel RZR
- Jon Bundrant was racing a RZR S
- Me and Bob Roggy in a stock arm Teryx
- Someone else started 45 minutes late in something like a Marshall side x side, but it folded the front end about 100 yards into the race.

We were the only car with stock arms, so we suffered a bit in the whoops and also from lower ground clearance.

First 35 miles of the course was the same as the buggies ran on Friday. We started 1st and were passed by Jagged X at about mile 10 or so. By the time we got to the sand/rock hill climb at mile 19 it was pretty tight - three RZRs up front, then us. Currie was behind us somewhere. We took a different route up the sand hill, and ended up busting a wheel on a hidden rock. Swapped the tire out on the hill, and lost lots of time. We had one spare with us, so we headed out and had our pit crew go back to camp to get another and meet us at the top of Aftershock (about mile 33 or so). Well about 5 miles before Aftershock, we blew another tire. Soon after we were passed by Currie. Could not get in touch with our chase team so we limped ahead for 4 mile on the wheel until we came across Currie's chase and also Bundrant. Bundrant's RZR S was dead with a blown front diff. Currie's team
had a spare, so we swapped it out and headed closer to the entrance to Aftershock.

That is when I noticed steam. We had overheated. quickly determined the fan wasn't working, but it took another 20 minutes or more to hard wire the fan. Then we were on our way. I decided to stay out and spot. What a workout! I basically spotted and ran up the rocks to the top of Aftershock. Bob rolled it once, but there were enough people to roll it back over real easy.

Then a bit more desert before hitting Lower Big Johnson. At the bottom, there was some blow sand on the side to skirt some of the rocks. Bob took that route, which looked to be a good decision until the sand met the rocks. Had to carry too much speed to get through the sand, but hit the rocks and rolled. No one around, and it was a bit down hill, so we pulled out the winch and flopped it back over. From there it was pretty smooth sailing all the way back to the finish line. I think the entire course was 45 - 50 miles.

Currie blew out low gear, somewhere before or on Aftershock. Then after Lower Big Johnson, he lost high. Rolled the last 5 miles of desert in reverse.

Guthrie won in his long travel RZR, but I heard the RZR was torn up bad. It wouldn't have lasted much longer.

The Jagged X RZR held up fine, but I think they determined that it was a bit heavy for this type of race.

Even though we suffered lots of problems on the course, our Teryx was in decent shape when we made it across the finish line. The only other car that could have gone much further was Jagged X, so that makes me feel good.

Overall, I think we could have done a lot better with stronger wheels and better tires. Long travel would have helped too. Raising up the sides by putting the fuel tank in the rear is a good idea. We just ran out of time to do anything more than we did.

Would have been better if more rigs would have shown up, but I am glad we raced.

Rich Klein is talking about puttin on some more races next Fall.

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Thats not good at all, I heard that race was pretty crazy ! I had a friend out there that is a cop and he said it was a course that he could believe there were trying to run. Did you go Joey
Bob Roggy drove my Teryx and I spotted. That is me in the red Simpson fire suit as we headed up Aftershock. Todd took some pictures with my camera during the race. I'll post up some pictures in the other thread and do a little summary of the race.

Just got back home today. I stayed for the buggy race. Talk about some crazy racing....
I watched some of the live feed Lance was doing with the pictures, couldn't believe all the things that happened with people cutting the course and some of the breakdowns in the middle of the course and people just wheelin around the broken rigs and over thier tires, it was great action.
Some horsesh*t of Shannon Campbell driving over one of our customers Will Carter on aftershock.... :(

Several issues with the race but a good deal, Im definitely going next year for all week and we should be racing in the SxS :D
Some horsesh*t of Shannon Campbell driving over one of our customers Will Carter on aftershock.... :(

Several issues with the race but a good deal, Im definitely going next year for all week and we should be racing in the SxS :D

Was this before or after he was DQed?
I saw people wheeling over the tires, but not over rigs.
[ame=]YouTube - 2009 KOH Shannon Campbell drives over 52x Will Carter[/ame]

Story is Todd from Desert Fab here in AZ gave him the new tranny...he was towed back to the pits after his cooked (that's why he was DQ'ed)...Officials told him he could run the course for time. People were around that confirmed he got the OK. The problem started when he caught up to the field and started passing...Now what do you do? You told him he could run, but didn't expect him to actually catch up???

BS move if you ask me, he was out there "testing" his IFS and he rolled through the course FAST!! BUT, should never have rolled over #52 on his way up. Now the other question is Will was helped rolled over by the spectators and on the red card it states "No Outside Help", effectively he should have been DQ'ed at that point????

I love KOH cause it's just like the Baja...rules are in place, but you do what you need to do to finish...
mike L [ame=]YouTube - KOH 09 SIDE X SIDE[/ame] AND CROW DOG
Thanks for posting this Jon!!!! Great info as always!!! That looks intense some of those parts!!
what a way to beat some rides up.. Looks like fun...Joey can I borrow your ride next year to do this??
Here is one of my favorites of Jon from the King of the Hammers.

Enjoy, i will try and post more later...


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