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Here is a build we recently started...


  • Bruce lee car 001.JPG
    Bruce lee car 001.JPG
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  • Bruce lee car 002.JPG
    Bruce lee car 002.JPG
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    Bruce lee car 003.JPG
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    Bruce lee 002.JPG
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more pics...


  • Bruce lee car 001.JPG
    Bruce lee car 001.JPG
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  • Bruce lee car 002.JPG
    Bruce lee car 002.JPG
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  • Bruce lee car 003.JPG
    Bruce lee car 003.JPG
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I recognised the red tie rods! :eek:

nice work so far.

just a note for Bruce, those tires are damn heavy, and will slow him down a plenty.
Come on Rog don't tell him things like that....that will help us 4 seaters out when we r running him down on the mountain rides !!
lol, We have tested those against the lighter stockers and the stockers take off quicker and go faster, just sayin buddy. we proved this to a customer on his own 686 and he sold the brand new tires and bought diff tires. When you are slower than you were before, I don't want you blaming SDR's nice work. :eek: hahahaha
Nice work. One question though. I noticed your seats are going to be lowered. In your second pic, is there enough room there for a seat? I know SDR knows what their doing. Maybe it is the angle. I didn't think you could go that low without pushing the seats out to the side more.
I went out for a ride with Bruce this weekend and i can say that is one SICK cage !!!! The stance that is has is sweet all low to the ground and chopped makes me want to have a 2 seater.....
I'd like to see some more pics, it doesn't look that low to me in the ones posted. Post some up Bruce!!!
What we did on the seats was to lower the drivers side 4 inches, and the pass. 3 inches. This allowed us to add sliders on the drivers side so both bruce and the wife can drive it! Also, we kept the use of the factory latches so the seats come in and out just like stock.

We did have to move them out a couple inches as well to clear the motor.

I am very happy with the way it turned out!

We have a few things to finish up for the full debut at the SSSS
So lets see it...........I am sure Bruce borrowed all kinds of good ideas to make this Rhino nice!
I haven't seen a 2 seat cage like this before so if he has borrowed ideas he was very settle about it and let the guys at SDR throw there own twist to everything. Not talking about the chopped and drop but the tubin in the back and all the supports is a real work of art if you ask me and the welds are clean for mig. I think it is going to be SICK when all done

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