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Whatsup my name is Danny. i have a 08 Kawasaki Teryx, i ride mostly desert but iam going to the dune tour this weekend. first trip to the dunes for her. :D
Right on!!! Welcome to the Underground Danny! We will be out at the Dune Tour we should hook up!!!!! Look for the White Magnum Milk Truck Rhino!!!!! We will be camped in the Flats right by all the Dune Tour Action!!
Cool...... we r going to have a big group out there so we will definitely have to go for a ride. we r leaving thursday night but im not sure where we r parking yet.
I was going to go out Thursday night but I decided to roll with the posse on Friday morning first thing!! Which probably means 10am!! LMAO
Welcome and you suck ! LMAO looks like im out for the Dune tour I cant get Friday off and dont want to go that far for one night :( so it looks like im off to Barstow for the M.O.R.E offroad race and a lil SxS action Well have fun and welcome to the underground, Joey brake him in with some of those stickers !!!!!!!!!
See ya out their!!! I will be in all black teryx with grey cage and black douglas wheels. Blue and yellow afco shocks!!! Probably in the washes. Hit olds sat mid day look for large group of hooligans:eek:
welcome man. and man joeyD still needs to hook me up with some stickers :( come joey what the hold up, its not like you have a rhino to drive haha totally kidding man :D so how is the build coming?
welcome Danny, another dezert ryder in da house!

hey have fun and be safe at the dune tour!

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