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Written by Kim Krause

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza that brought together thrill-seekers from across the Southwest – the epic Havasu Havoc UTV Fest! This off-roading spectacle, held in the picturesque Lake Havasu City from December 1 to 3, was a heart-pounding, tire-spinning, and trail-blazing celebration that left everyone on the edge of their seats.

Picture this: 150 off-road enthusiasts from Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, and beyond, converging at the Quality Inn Hotel for a weekend that was nothing short of off-road utopia. With around 70 UTVs revving their engines, the atmosphere was charged with excitement right from the get-go.

Friday night kicked off in style with registrations and ride selections, setting the stage for the infamous night ride. A convoy of 40 cars, decked out in vibrant lights, embarked on a 25-mile round trip, cruising past the iconic London Bridge adorned with dazzling Christmas lights. The desert night came alive with the roar of engines and the glow of colorful whips, making it a sight to behold.

As the night gave way to Saturday morning, registrations and check-ins ushered in a day of dual adventure. Two thrilling rides unfolded – one to the Bunker Bar and the other exploring landmarks like Rovey’s Needle. A total of approximately 150 miles of awe-inspiring terrain awaited, featuring everything from narrow canyons to high hilltop trails with panoramic views of Lake Havasu, donkey sightings, rock climbing, and beautiful desert landscapes.

The Bunker Bar, a military-themed oasis in the heart of the desert, provided a unique outdoor experience. Delicious food, live music, and military décor set the stage for an unforgettable pitstop. Meanwhile, the journey to Rovey’s Needle became the crowd favorite, offering a smorgasbord of fun stops like Founder’s Cabin, Woody’s Cabin, and a large man-made spider along the Arizona Peace Trail.

Founder’s Cabin is one of several desert cabins in the area, but it is still in fairly good shape after a local resident fixed up the structure and maintained it in relatively recent years. The cabin used to be called Dollar Cabin, after the tradition of visitors tacking dollar bills with their name on it up on the cabin. The tradition has died down after someone went out there and took all the dollar bills a few years ago. Woody’s Cabin is smaller and a little less fancy than Founders Cabin, but is still worth a look.

Saturday night brought everyone together for a mouth-watering dinner hosted by the Quality Inn, complete with a bar serving up tasty cocktails. The evening was a crescendo of raffles, best and worst poker hands, sponsor acknowledgments, special awards, and more – a fitting climax to an action-packed day.

Yet, it wasn’t just about the thrill of the ride. The event's poker run raised over $600 for Tread Lightly and $600 to the best poker hand. Tread Lightly advocates for keeping OHV trails open, and they do trail cleanups and much more. In addition, a collection for the Salvation Army Christmas Angels pulled in a whopping $4500 for toys to brighten the holidays for children.

Sponsors like Dean Spears from American UTV and Art Panzarella from Realty Providers went above and beyond, ensuring that broken UTVs were patched up, and trails were conquered. The Quality Inn staff, with their warm hospitality, added an extra layer of comfort to the festivities.

And the camaraderie didn’t end on the trails. Breakfast gatherings before each ride became a platform for forging new relationships and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As the dust settles on this year's Havasu Havoc UTV Fest, mark your calendars for 2024 and check out utvoffroadadventures.com. With a schedule bursting with monthly events across Arizona, the UTV Offroad Adventures crew is gearing up to take you on more heart-pounding journeys through the untamed wilderness. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the off-roading revolution!55.JPG66.JPG111.JPG222.JPG333.JPG444.JPG555.JPG777.JPG888.JPG999.JPG2222.JPG3333.JPG4444.JPG5555.JPG6666.JPG7777.JPG8888.JPG9999.JPG


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