2009 WORCS Series

Cant make it to that one. Going to PRIMM on the 18th so we will be busy getting everything prepped for that. We are in 2wd config right now anyway, so not legal according to rules for m4sx (although it would be pretty cool to see everybody get beet by a 2wd car:D...)
We will do some later in the year...

See you in Primm!
I think I might be happy chasing Code around the track, Not sure I am even near the big dog pack, We all know the car is capable, but I have my own rhino 686 motor in it for this round. :eek:

Bobby wants me to race with him, so we will see.

BTW Nice pics Bobby :)


Do it Rog
Sorry so late.....heres a couple pics !


  • BABY SHOWER 156.jpg
    BABY SHOWER 156.jpg
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  • BABY SHOWER 148.jpg
    BABY SHOWER 148.jpg
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Here is a couple more pics, sorry I didnt take more pics. The rhino I was out there with (web cam, blk/orange) broke so we had to find a way to get him off the side line and back on a trailer.

O yea sorry about the baby shower sub titles on the pics...lol


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Thats it


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2010 schedule. Only 1 in washington:D and no Mesquite:(.

WORCS Racing's 2010 ATV Schedule:
Round #1: Speedworld Raceway- Phoenix, Az (Jan. 22nd -24th)
Round #2: Buffalo Bills Resort Casino- Stateline, Nv (Feb. 26th -28th) (Combined Bike & ATV weekend)
Round #3: Crazy Horse Campground- Lake Havasu, Az (Mar. 19th -21st)
Round #4: Racetown 395- Adelanto, Ca (Apr. 23rd -25th)
Round #5: Honeylake MX- Milford, Ca (May 21st -23rd)
Round #6: Straddleline ORV Park- Olympia, Wa (Jul. 23rd - Jul. 25th) (WORCS Xcross)
Round #7: Cahilla Creek MX- Temecula, Ca (Sept. 24th -25th)
Round #8: TBA- Ca (Oct. 15th -17th) (Finals)

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