2018 WORCS Rule Book Updates and Weekend Schedule


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WORCS would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are excited for the upcoming year and below is some information and updates. Please read this email in its entirety.

WORCS Race Weekend Schedule

We have made some schedule changes this year in order to accommodate all racers, allow greater spectating opportunities, and to provide the most racing opportunities for WORCS racers on a race weekend. The changes were also made to try to accommodate racers who race multiple series.Please note that this is tentative and as all WORCS Weekend Schedules subject to change for any reason.

Unique rounds such as Las Vegas, Lake Havasu and Primm will have different schedules

It is the responsibility of EVERY racer and pit crew member to read and understand the rule book prior to racing any event and to check it regularly for updates/changes. Failure to read and abide by the rule book will result in penalty, fines or disqualification.
Official rule books can be found online at WORCS Racing.

Below are the highlighted changes/updates to the MC and ATV/SXS rule books for 2018.
Please remember to read the entire rule book COMPLETELY.

MC Changes/ Updates:
The Format for Pro 2: Top (25) racers from the 450A class.
Pro 2 Lights will be allowed to qualify as follows: the top (12) from 250A class and the top (6) from 125A Sport, top (2) from Women Pro for a class for a total of twenty (20) entrants.

Qualifying will be as follows: First the qualification as listed above. If a qualified A rider passes on riding in the Pro 2 or Pro 2 Lights race, the only riders eligible to fill the position will be first the current top ten or if at Round 1 will take previous year’s top ten in points in Pro 2 or Pro 2 Lights; or also the A class champion from the prior racing season. Race director will have the ability at Round 1 to seat to any A rider into the Pro 2 or Pro 2 Lights class at his/her discretion.

ATV Changes/ Updates:
The following youth ATV classes have been eliminated: 8-15 sport, 12-15 Production, 12-15 Production Sport, and 70 stock (any 70 stock will run in the 70 production class).
Radio communications are authorized for all classes.

SXS Changes/Updates:
Superchargers are ONLY allowed in the SXS Pro Production and SXS Production 1000 Turbo Class.
All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher and or automatic fire extinguishing systems with two nozzles one facing the driver and one facing the engine. Must be readily accessible to the driver. Must be mounted with a quick release type mechanism.
All SXS must have full body plastics on vehicle.
All SXS must have front and rear fixed loop (minimum 2 inch) towing access points. Wrapping around front or rear bumper as well as suspension is not an applicable towing point.
All special assist drivers (ie. paraplegic, deaf, etc) should obtain from ORS a WORCS radio to communicate with if they have an issue and medical sticker to be placed on both sides of the front roll cage; so that any ORS and or track staff can better assist the driver.
All SXS drivers with the exception of youth 250 Production and 250 Stock, drivers and special assist drivers must get out of their vehicle when flipped over; and assist in the roll over if capable. Any driver that does not exit their vehicle will be assessed a 30 second penalty. Any variance to this will be discussed at the drivers meeting.
During any process where ORS staff are on the race course to recover or assist another race vehicle the 100’before and 50’after are considered a safe zone. The max speed in this area is 5mph. Racers can not gain on other racers in this same area. Any violation of this safety zone will mean automatic disqualification of the racer.
SXS 1000 Turbo Race Number Color will now be a WHITE background with BLACK Numbers. ( see rule book for example)
All amateur SXS classes will be staged on a first come first serve basis; staging will begin at the time denoted at the drivers meeting. Pro classes at round one will be staged based off Friday’s time’s session; all subsequent rounds are based off points. Failure to appear at scheduled staging time will mean driver is bumped back to next available slot.Radio communications are authorized for all classes.

Due to the State Park plans to raise the lake's water level, Track 2 will be submerged. For the Youth ATV classes, a modified section of the adult track sand course will be used.

MC Youth 50cc 4-6 & 7-8
MC Youth 65 A, B &C
MC Youth Mini Open A, B & C
MC Youth Super Mini C (*note that Super Mini A and B WILL race and will race the full adult course)

For the classes listed above that will NOT be available for Round 5; Round 5 at Sand Hollow will not be counted as a dropped round. These classes will have a best 8 rounds instead of 9.

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