200 members in 2 weeks

That's a good question man and unfort I don't have an answer lol. Maybe that's something that you can hit people up about on the forums or on Fri and see what they have to say
the ones coming are the ones posting!!! ahhaahahha...........this forum thing is tricky!!! lol
well hey man congrats JoeyD you created an awesome forum and i have been spreading the word! hey man so do you think i can get a couple of black UG stickers? i want to tag up my car :D
That's sick man....but what trips me out is that there is so many members but VERY few post anything up. Hell even some bs about normal rides or upcoming stuff would be sweet just to break the ice for the newer peeps or the ones that just sit and wonder around !! Let's see some pics of your fav spot to ride or your ride all cleaned up......Just my .02 tho

Keep it up UTVUG we are getting bigger looks like we need some more shirts haha
I hear that!!!! The cool thing is we do have solid content. So we may not have as much BS as the other sites but the posts we do have is all solid awesome stuff!

More shirts are in the works!!!

Thnaks for all your support JR!
No thanks needed man I'm here for the same reason as everyone else and that is to learn and meet new peeps. I can say there is a lot of info on here and I can't say there have been to many peeps that I have talked to or seen that I wouldn't want to ride with or just hang out and BS.

You have gave many of peeps a place to go to learn stuff without all the crying like most sites ! So I'm sure I speak for most and say thanks to you and everyone else that spends a crazy amount of time on here and makes the site what is !!!!!
I appreciate it JR. Rusty and I both work really hard to keep this thing growing and we enjoy it and couldnt do it without you guys who do participate, run our decals and shirts, and spread the good word about UTVUnderground.com.
we are year and 2 months into this site and we just cracked 1500 members! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE

thanks to all of you who make the Underground the best SXS site on the net!

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