200 members in 2 weeks

Joey, if you step back and look at the key factors here, this site is bound for glory.

1. The name is edgey and rough, definite plus!

2. The founders are well respected and liked by many!

3. The technical info that is obtained from the crew that runs here is second
to none.

and most of all the groupof guys are all familiar here lending to the outsiders having to see what all the fuss is about! This site will be a major player in due time and I am damn proud to be associated with it and its founders. Put me up for some stickers and an XL.
Your the man Dorian!!! Thanks again for participating and help make this site what it is!!! You made my day!!! REPPED SUCKA!!
Awesome numbers guys!! The PGI Media family looks forward to ahealthy and prosperus relationship with the Underground!!!

BTW I'll buy a shirt, 2X are you gonna make some kid sizes? My 2 boys 3 &6 dig wearing this kinda stuff.
We will definitley do a kids run on thenext go around in feb.!! You know we got to lace up the groms!!!

We cant wait to do more stuff with PGI!!!!!!
401 Members as of tonight!!!!!

Thanks To all of you for making this the fastest growing all inclusive UTV Forum on the Net!!! Keep it rockin!!
535 Members Since we started in late January!! Thanks to all of you for helping us grow!!!!
as of 6/15/09 we have 700 Members!!! BLOWING UP!!!! we are not even a full 6 months old yet!!! Thanks to all of you, you all are the reason we are as big as we are!!!
Now we just need to get more people posting! I think you should make it like race dezert where you are required to introduce yourself before you can do anything!
I agree with Justin if there is that many people why is there only the norm people that post ? Seems that if everyone throws up a post or thread every once in awhile this site could really take off more than what is already is...Just my .02 :confused:
I agree.......More people read and lurk then post.......I will try some different things! Thanks for the feedbadk and the props guys!
Nothing wrong with people reading but it benifits everyone when other people throw in some input.
I know! How do we do it? I am gonna try a few things...maybe we need to start running raffles for the most posters or something!?

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