What brand of lighting?

What lights do you run?

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I want to start a thread on - What lights do you run and WHY?
Price? light output? durability? warranty? Only thing that was available? Recommended? Sponsored? Free? Etc...

So please do the poll and then post why you picked the lights you did.

Are you happy with them? Explain

And if you could do it different; what would you of done instead and WHY?

Also be realistic- "I wish I would have done the 55w hid Kc carbons but then again I don’t have the money for those."- would not be realistic. That’s like- I bought a Honda civic but I wish I bought a Ferrari.

Something like-"I did 4 Baja designs halogens but wish I did the hid because the hid lights are way brighter."

You can vote more then once just incase you run different brands or have more then one car.
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This thread should be able to help out alot of the newbie’s or guys that want to know more about lighting; so they don’t make the wrong decision on buying the wrong lights. It should also help them steer in the right direction on what the best light setup would be best for their application and price book.

So lets keep this thread completely honest guys.

I have the Trail Tech MR16 HID's.... I have 4 of them mounted to the front bumper.... I got a sweet deal on them from BRP. They were having a clearance sale and I got them for $25.00 each. For that price I figured why not. I have only used them 3 or 4 times in 1 year. But they work great. They draw very little power so I can run 4 of them with the stock battery and charging system.
I'm runnin the kragens. I wanted The soltec Lapaz's didnt want the pay the price for them.....Kragens came out and for hundy you cant beat them.
2 Trailtech Eclipse HIDs (came with the Rhino), and 2 4" checker HIDs. This may not be the answer your looking for, but everything else is STUPIDLY over priced.
as mine sits 2 7in kragen in the front bumper on the bottom and 2 put away hopefully a light bar soon and will be running 4 or 5 kragen....
I run 2 4" Checker HID's and Dirtlight (now Rigid) HID replacements. When I get the scratch I'll add a 6" or a 10" E-series amber flood on the front. I'm very happy with my current setup for what I ride. The replacement HID in the headlights provide great coverage up front and the 4" Checkers are my side beams. Plenty of light for now.
I run 5 of the 4" checker hids couldnt beat the price and tough as hell have 2 of the stock hid replacements in the teryx also. And if money were no object i really dont know what i would run on it never thought about it
I run 5 Vision X 6" HIDs' , I like the out put, light intensity and the durability ! They work great alone , but you can not run the stock head lights at the same time or the battery will only be able to last for 4 hours and leave u stranded at 1 am in the morning on the way back from Sand Dam to Ocotillo with no moon, water/ sodies or snacks :eek:. thank god for the friends and tow strap:D
I have 4 Checker 7's up top and 2 7's on my front bumper. I also have the HID replacement lights. I wish I would have just done a LED Lightbar because it's a big pain to lower each light to fit it in the toy hauler and then have to put them back up, drive into the dunes, and then adjust to dial em in. It gets old quick.

Plus I think it looks retarded with 4 lights up top and no cross bar. This picture was before I did the two on the bumper.


One of my favorites of the Rhino.
that cage is bad ass but yea it just needs a diff style light bar who make that cage


heres mine i just need a v bar and light bar real soon i hope............:D
there all right actually i wasnt going to put them down there but it was a last minute thing and wanted them on ill put them on top and maybe put smaller ones down there
I first had mine on the front bumper and the shadows were bad. So I picked up two more and then put the 4 up top. I still needed more light in the dunes so I just put two more on my front bumper and will be pointing those up.

I need a LED Light bar!!
I ran 4 Kragen HIDs and they do work really good. I would much rather run some Soltek La Paz HID's or E-Series LED's but cost and cost only was my deciding factor. I believe that Baja Designs, Vision X, LightForce, Hella, and KC produce higher quality products than the plastic Kragens but no denying thatthe Kragens perform and for the price they are definitley a good bargain!!
I'm running 4 Baja Designs 8" LaPaz HID's up top (no headlights). Had 2 spots and 2 driving but changed the spots out to driving as well. I love the styling of the housing on the LaPaz, and love the look of a big ol' traditional round offroad light. I'm sure when people see me coming they think it's gonna be some awesome truck or buggy and then it turns out to be a Rhino lol!!! As soon as the new Baja Designs 6" Prerunner series light is available (they look AMAZING by the way), I will be switching to 5 of those up top. Not that I'm at all unhappy with mine, just thought I'd mix it up a little. :D

The best reason to run Baja Designs is because they support the UNDERGROUND!!!

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