Can I use a 29.5 tire with factory wheels?


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I have a 2019 Can-Am Commander all stock with 27 bighorns and 14” wheels on it. I like the blacked out factory wheels so planned on keeping them. I plan on putting a 2.5” superatv lift on it and putting outlaw 2 tires on it, since the original outlaw tires don’t have a 14” wheel unless you get a 30” tire. Unless someone has a better suggestion on a very good tire that may be lighter. Anyway, can I run that 29.5 tire with that 14” stock wheel? I don’t mind throwing on a wheel spacer if need be. Of course I don’t want too much strain on the axles so if that’s to much then I guess I won’t do it. It’s only a 800 so I also don’t want to rob too much power from either nor do I want to get stuck. I mainly use it for hunting, which there are quiet a few thick mud holes out there I get stuck in with these big horns is why I need to step up my setup, but I also take it to the atv Park on occasion. I do not play with it in the big holes like the big boys. If I break it I can’t I hunt lol. I can’t do the 6” lift it’s way out of my budget so have to stick with the smaller lift and the 29” tires. Really don’t need much more than that anyway. I feel like if I went 28’s I’m not gaining much and may as stay with what I have. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you mud slinging experts in advance :)

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