Weller Racing customer/SR1 event maybe this year?


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Hey everyone....Jason and I were talking about trying to get a weekend going at the dunes this coming dune season for our customers and SR1/SV1 owners. How fun would it be to do some really fast dune rides with a whole train of SR1/SV1 Rhinos sometime this year?? :) Drag races would be a blast, too! It's always fun to line up with fellow 1000cc'ers!!

Anyway - I just wanted to mention it.....we will be thinking about it and will let everyone know when we come up with a date - were thinking about having it before Christmas.....but I'll keep you guys posted! :)
Yeah, it will be for all our customers, too - no matter if it's just an inline fuel filter you bought off the website - lol! :) We will work on some ideas and details.....and throw out some dates in a bit to see what would be a good weekend. I'll keep you guys posted! :)
you can count me in as long as its late this year. iam not sure how long its going to be with my shoulder being out of commision, but iam hoping by halloween i can start ripping again.
Sounds like fun. If only my job would let me have some free time to finish my rhino. Nothing like starting a project and never having enough time to finish it. It should be ready by late october
I think that would be a blast. Instead of our usual three sr1 rhinos from last year Cory. We will just make sure Josh keeps it on all fours this time. ha ha

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