Thank You Magnum & XMF


I just want to say thanks to 2 of my favorite shops! Magnum Off Road helps me out so much. Dan lets me work in his shop like its my own garage and I cant thank them enough for all the support they have shown through out my build. Thanks for letting me work their all weekend Dan and thanks for helping finish and prep the car!!!

Also big shout out to Scott at XMF. This guy is a machine. He works tirelessly to take care of customers and he went the extra mile for me on Friday evening. We were talking and I relaized I was short some parts, he had them in stock and not only sent them to me but chased down his UPS guy on the road at 5:30pm to have them sent Saturday delivery. I am so lucky to be working with guys like XMF and Magnum!!

These shops are well deserving of your buisness and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed!!!
That's awesome!

It's always good to hear that there are shops and people out there that will still go the extra mile to help.

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