UTV highlights from the 2018 Baja 1000


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Are there any race fans left in here?
When nobody following or deeply immersed in the UTV scene bothers to help this community enjoy or even understand these races in a forum atmosphere...the community (not to mention everybody else) often only hears the worst:
(post# 442):
"....was interesting to see how different guys handled passing. For instance a UTV went by us as we were pulling another guy out. We caught up to the UTV pretty fast and he would not let us by. We ate his dust for awhile with no way to get around that was safe. We kept hitting the Stella over take button and he ignored it. He wasn't about to let us by. we almost hit a big bolder in the dust and I deiced to stay back and get out of his dust. We caught up to him rolled over on the side of the course. He and his Co dog were arguing and fighting. It was pretty entertaining to see. In contrast there were a lot of vehicles that once we caught them they moved over fast and let us by..."
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...and how much does it cost to CryoHeat an entire "OEM" racing system nowadays let alone fund a mammoth build project to somehow beat those who apparently do?
(From this year's historic feat by Kristen Matlock at the Baja 500):
"..And that is exactly what she did! Dominating the UTV Class with CryoHeat playing a major role in the strength of many parts of her Naturally Aspirated Polaris RZR; the Transmission, Front Differential, CV joints, axles, Brake Rotors, Brake Pads, Spindles, Hubs and virtually every nut and bolt on her Polaris RZR has been through the CryoHeat Processes, giving them the strength so Kristen can beat the heck out of them and making these parts run cooler and more efficiently to give her the edge she needs to do her thing."
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It was fun tracking the race. Was pulling for Kristen Matlock to pull an overall in the UTV class in her non-turbo car.

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