SR1 Demo Pics / Stadium Kart World Championships



The SR1 Demo at the Stadium Kart World Championships was the first opportunity for fans of UTV racing in Southern California to see the new SR1 UTV class in action. Weller Racing brought 2 cars with them to California not to mention Tyler Herzog who made the drive from Arizona to join Gary Thompson and Corry Weller on the track at Milestone MX Park in Riverside, CA.



Although only 4 cars took the track these 4 cars gave a glimpse as to what this season of LOORRS has in store for us. These Rhino's equipped with Yamaha R1 street bike motors came to life on a track that was designed for Stadium Karts but the R1's showed that even a tighter course is no match for the 130+hp Yamaha Rhino's.


The race wasn't without failure as Corry Weller went out mid way through the practice round with a blown oil line which caused a small fire under the car. This would prove to be the end for Corry as she was down on power in the main due to the loss of oil. Despite the rough day the spirits were high in the Weller pits as they are prepared to address the problem and get Corry's car prepped and ready to go for Rounds 1 and 2 of Lucas Oil. Corry Weller will have a fresh set of paint and graphics for Lucas and she told me she was very excited to see her car transform in the coming weeks.


Another competitor (Brad Bauder) rolled his cblack Yamaha SR1 Rhino that Weller had brought out after installing their new SR1 kit. Unfortunately Brad's day was cut short with a violent roll over that at the end of the crash resulted only in some bent aluminum, cracked fiberglass, and 2 blown tires fortunately.


The winner Gary Thompson battled it out all day with Tyler Herzog who was not afraid to throw his SR1 into the corners hard making for some exciting high speed turns. Tyler was clearly the faster driver in the practice rounds but MotoGary saved his juice for the main where he led the race the entire time driving a flawlessly and really ripping the Milestone dirt up with his SR1.


In all it was a great display of just what these cars can do. They were fun to watch and listen too and it wasn’t hard to tell by the smiles on the drivers faces that they had an amazing time putting these UTV’s on display for us all to see. The SR1 class is here and we cannot wait to follow it closely in the inaugural 2010 season.










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Re: SR1 Demo Pics / TK World Championships

The pics are awesome... but what we really need is a video of these things ripping around
Re: SR1 Demo Pics / TK World Championships

I agree...I am having technical difficulties with my video camera.....
Gary, thanks for the silencer, Code stuck it on as soon as they got home.
that guy in the black r1 car you can see where his helmet is slamming the ground in that one shot. I would say he was a very lucky man!!!!!!:eek:
yeah Ryan Torres pics sho his head hanging out full tilt in the roll over...he needs nets and needs to strap in a bit tighter.....pretty crazy he didnt smash his head into the ground!
Big THANKS TO WELLER RACING for coming out to SO CAL to show us what these SR1's are all about! Congrats to GARY THOMPSON for taking the VICTORY in the SR1 DEMO RACE, That car looks sweet.Tyler just put on a show for everyone taking the turn on 2 wheels and some times 3 wheels, keep your eye on this car this year! Corry had some issues but when she was going,That girl was flying..The black car looked pretty sweet!




When these cars came out people where rolling out of there trailers to watch these machines get to work, My blood was pumping being in the middle of the SR1 going around me!

Thanks to: TROPHY KART WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for making everything HAPPEN!!
Heres my video for the day. Sorry about the shakyness, I was holding my 2 yr old at the same time. :(

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they let him race with no nets?????? what were they thinking, if he would have been seriously injured, it may have changed the whole view on this class, just saying.

promoter or whoever needs to step up into the safety aspect a little more.

we know Lucas does it right, so evryone can feel safer when taking the track
awesome pics Dan!! Great vid Ben!! Thansk for the props RhinoDan, we missed you out there but that Nascar race looked like a good one too!
the SR1's are BAD ASS!!! I cant wait to see a whole class of them ripping Lucas up!! Major props to Weller Racing for spearheading this new class and developing the rules for it. Its going to be a hit I predict!! Cant wait for Vegas!!!

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